Most Popular Dog Breeds of 2022

Labrador Retriever

Among the most popular dog breeds of 2022 is the Labrador Retriever. This dog is good-natured, excellent with children, and very trainable. After about two years, energetic puppies become devoted and thoughtful adults with persistent training, continuous devotion, and plenty of exercises.

The Labrador also comes equipped with an easy-to-care-for short coat. Working dogs are bred to be lankier, energetic, and leaner, which is acceptable for an active owner but can be a little too much for others. However, depending on the breeder, other lines may be more docile, but they still need to be exercised because this breed can pack on the pounds in no time. Shedding is not too bad, and they mostly bark only to alert. Unfortunately, the breed is too nice to be a good guard dog, but they make excellent watchdogs. Labrador retrievers are big dogs and can weigh sixty to ninety pounds.

 Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever. The biggest issue with the Golden is that they are notorious shedders. Also, most people purchase a Golden retriever expecting their puppy to morph into the perfect canine companion. Unfortunately, this ideal companion does not manifest without plenty of hard work on the owner’s part. Thankfully, all the work you put into your Golden will be well worth it and plenty of fun because these dogs love to learn and will bend over backward to please you. Before purchasing, be aware of congenital problems, such as hip, heart, and eye issues. Therefore, demand to see health certifications on both momma and poppa dogs. Do not expect your Golden retriever to chase away burglars, but they will alert you of their presence. They are big dogs and can weigh sixty to ninety pounds.

German Shepherd amongst the most popular dog breeds.

The German Shepherd. There may be nothing like a well-bred German Shepherd; they are intelligent, versatile, and protective. On the flip side, plenty of dogs are nothing like a well-bred German Shepherd, even though their paperwork and appearance say they are. Their very popularity has nearly destroyed them. Therefore, if you want to own one, I suggest you shop around carefully or suffer the unfortunate consequences of acquiring a shy, sick, or excessively aggressive dog. They shed year-round, bark to alert, and can inflict damage to strangers coming onto your property, making them excellent watch and guard dogs. German Shepherds are big and can weigh sixty to ninety pounds.

The Dachshund. These dogs possess an enormous personality for such a tiny and funny-shaped body. The dog is clever, willful, and comes in three different coat types:

  1. Smooth (short-haired).
  2. Long-haired. This type resembles short-legged setters.
  3. Wire coated. This type resembles the long-backed terrier.

The Dachshund also comes in two sizes:

  1. Standard.
  2. Miniature.

Unfortunately, too much jumping around is not recommended due to their long backs. It is also crucial for them to maintain a healthy weight. This dog is excellent with children; however, children must understand not to play too rough with them. Dropping a Dachshund can easily seriously injure the dog. They are very yappy and difficult to housetrain, but they are not extreme shedders. The mini version of these dogs is considered (tiny), and the standard version is (small). They can weigh between ten pounds to a little more than twenty-five pounds.


The Beagle. These dogs are happy, sturdy, and compact, and they want nothing more than to follow their nose wherever it leads them. However, you can’t blame them because that’s a breed trait, but it can get them into plenty of hot water. They are known to be escape artists, roamers and are notorious for being difficult to housetrain thanks to an independent spirit. Their good with children because of their size and friendliness. Younger children need to walk with a leash because they will wander away following their noses. The coat is easy to maintain with not much shedding. Beagles are not notorious barkers, but they dabble in some howling now and then, which is excellent for hunters but can be problematic for apartment dwellers. These dogs are small and can weigh twenty to thirty pounds. However, they can pack on the pounds; therefore, make sure they get plenty of activity.


The Poodle. This dog is despised by certain men who seem insecure in their manliness and fretted over continuously by some women who need to get out more. People ought to be ashamed of what they do to those Poodles unfortunate enough to be show dogs with the constant and annoying grooming.

The Poodle comes in three sizes, and all three count as a single breed. It has been America’s top dog for years with good reason. These dogs are low shedding, brilliant, easy to train, and extremely fun to be around. Although they do not shed much, their coat still needs to be professionally groomed every six weeks. The mini and standard versions of the breed are great with kids; however, the toy version may be a little too delicate for younger children that do not know how to gently and respectably play with them. The small ones are a little barky but don’t expect them to protect the home. Poodles come in big (standard), small (miniature), and tiny (toy). These dogs can weigh less than ten pounds to around seventy pounds.


The Chihuahua. There are plenty of reasons to get a Chihuahua, such as their loyal (some say possessive) and bright personalities. However, some can be a little too barky and somewhat protective, which is funny because they’re literally less than ten pounds. When you didn’t think they could get any cuter, they also come in easily recognizable and popular short-haired and long-haired versions. They can be a little too delicate for all but the gentlest and most respectful of children. The Chihuahua is a tiny breed and is less than ten pounds.


The Rottweiler. This dog’s popularity peaked in the 1990s, and they rocketed to the AKC’s 2nd most popular dog breeds. Unfortunately, the Rotty started a downward slide thanks to bad press and isolated incidents involving poorly handled and abused dogs.

Careless, clueless, and opportunistic breeders have nearly decimated this noble breed. Today, when someone comes up to me and inquires about the breed, I usually tell them to consider other options. Even the good ones are often too much dog – too big, too powerful, too stubborn, and too bright. I’m not saying there aren’t good ones out there because they are. However, there is a litany of poorly socialized dogs with short tempers that are dangerous. If you must have a Rottweiler, you must do your research and find a highly reputable breeder. In addition to getting your dog from the right breeder, you need to socialize and train your puppy as soon as you bring them home. The coat is short, and maintenance is easy. They drool a lot and can be big to giant, weighing seventy-five to one-hundred pounds.

Yorkshire Terrier

The Yorkshire Terrier. These dogs are affectionate, yappy, willful, and intelligent. They can also be protective and brave, sometimes foolishly so. Yorkies are accustomed to getting what they want from their owners because of their adorable and charming but manipulative personalities.

If you baby them too much, they will become horrible brats. It can be hard not to spoil such a lovely companion but do not let them get away with everything. You will have to set limits and stick to your guns no matter how hard it is. Trust me; you will have a better relationship with your dog in the long run. Yorkies are not notorious shedders, but they do well with professional clipping every few months. Children need to understand that playing too rough can cause serious injury to the dog. Like other toy breeds, the Yorkshire terrier can be problematic to housetrain. They are considered tiny dogs and weigh less than ten pounds.


The Boxer. These dogs are loyal, intelligent, protective, playful, and can be too willful. They are excellent with children but are too bouncy and strong for toddlers. Unfortunately, this breed is susceptible to heart problems and cancer and likely to die young. However, most people still get them because a few years with a Boxer is a much better experience than a few more years with another dog. People looking for a macho-looking breed tend to gravitate to them. As a result, be aware of shady breeders looking to corner the market on those specific individuals looking for the perfect macho-looking dog. The coat is easy to maintain, and they do not shed much. Also, be aware that some drool while others snore, and some do both.

Shih Tzu

The Shih Tzu. This dog will always be on any list of the most popular dog breeds. They are quick to learn, intelligent, and friendly. The Shih Tzu is the poster child for all toy breeds. The dog is all about you, the owner, and companionship. However, this is one of the only toy breeds that would not take advantage of you if you spoil them but keep embellishing to a minimum. However, like other toy breeds, the Shih Tzu is difficult to housetrain and can be very stubborn. They are not excessive shedders but still need a good clipping from a professional groomer every few months. They are a little sturdier than most miniature toy breeds and are okay with children except for the more unruly ones. Their sizes range from tiny to small and weigh under twenty pounds.


The Pomeranian. This dog is very similar to the Yorkie in terms of personality. It is good that they do not come in a larger size. The Pom can be a foxy-faced terror if spoiled rotten with no limits. However, they will be a fantastic spunky companion if given boundaries and raised sensibly. Males tend to give the most trouble when it comes to housetraining because they tend to mark territory within the home. Bold, barky, and not too savvy when approaching larger dogs. The Pomeranian’s lush coat does shed, but it is manageable because of its small size. This breed is not soft and can hold its own, making it an ideal playmate for most children except the most unruly ones. They’re considered to be tiny dogs and weigh less than ten pounds.

Cocker Spaniel

The Cocker Spaniel. This dog is another one on the list of the most popular dog breeds almost ruined, thanks to bad breeding. Because of their flourishing coat, they are best kept clipped. The Cocker is everything anyone should want in a canine companion. They are the perfect size with a happy, loving, and outgoing temperament. And, they are neither too big nor too small with an innate desire to please. All Cocker spaniel should be like what I just described in a perfect world.

Unfortunately, many of them are not. Too many Cockers are sickly, neurotic, snappy, and downright dangerous. A well-bred and socialized Cocker spaniel is excellent with children. The ones sold and promoted by horrible and unscrupulous breeders should not be around children. If bred correctly and to breed standards, they are not over barkers. They are considered small dogs and are under thirty pounds. However, you will need to keep them exercised because they tend to pack on the pounds.

Miniature Schnauzer

The Miniature Schnauzer. The mini Schnauzer has a face that encapsulates every dog’s little inner devil, complete with shoe-button eyes that make it possible to do anything but forgive any disobedience. Even though it doesn’t say in its name, this dog is a terrier. Therefore, like all terriers, they are intelligent, busy, funny, carry a high opinion of themselves, and crave playful, active companionship. These dogs are robust and can handle rough and tumble play with children. They will require a trip to the groomers every other month. To most people, the worst trait of these dogs is their barking. The miniature Schnauzer is very yappy, considered a small dog, and weighs less than twenty-five pounds.

Shetland Sheepdog

The Shetland Sheepdog. These dogs are playful, brilliant, beautiful, and devoted. Unfortunately, some of them can portray annoying and neurotic behavior. At times, they can be snappy, yappy, and shy. However, if you’re lucky enough to find a good one, you will not want another dog in your life. These dogs love to learn, making training them seem like a walk in the park.

Their ability to pick things up quickly is uncanny. Shelties are very skittish around strangers, and breeders call this trait reserved and consider it a standard breed characteristic. However, I believe it is not a proper representation of the breed and would like to see this behavior go away. Shetland sheepdogs tend to shed seasonally and lose tons of fur twice a year. Children are okay around them and should be involved in training activities. They are considered small and weigh less than thirty pounds.


The Pug. This dog is the largest toy breed and is increasing in popularity because it is a great little dog. They are great with children, sturdy, easy-going, loving, and just want to be a family member. Their short coat makes care a breeze. They’re not much of a barker and will show friendship to all comers. In fact, the only downside to this breed is snoring, which I do not mind at all. The Pug is another one of the most popular dog breeds that need regular exercise, or they will blow up. They weigh less than twenty pounds.

Miniature Pinscher

The Miniature Pinscher. These dogs resemble a tiny Doberman; however, they are unrelated and have nothing in common but appearance and the desire to protect the family. The little look-alike has been around forever, while the Doberman is a more recent development. The Mini Pinscher doesn’t seem to know how small it is and will joyously defend you to the best of its ability. But with all that protectiveness comes a downside. The dog is highly yappy and can be snappy. They are naturally strongminded, which makes them highly challenging to housetrain. Tenacious as they are, they’re still a little too fragile to be handled by unruly children. The breed possesses an easy-to-care-for coat and weighs less than ten pounds.

Siberian Husky

The Siberian Husky. This dog is like a fish out of water in the suburban backyard and will show its displeasure by digging, chewing, and howling. They also love to escape and do a little roaming on their own. But do not blame the dog. Siberian Huskies were bred to be on the move for hours at a time utilizing a smooth trot that encompasses miles, all while pulling a sled.

Therefore, if you’re not willing to make sure that this dog’s exercise needs are met, you’re likely not going to find owning one to your liking. These dogs are easy-going, good-natured, not very protective, and not much of a barker. They are independent and intelligent but want nothing to do with obedience. They shed a lot twice a year, producing globs of fur the size of a kitten. They are okay with children. The Siberian Husky is an excellent companion for someone or active families. Running and cross country skiing is the perfect pastime for these dogs. They are considered large and weigh fifty to seventy pounds.

Boston Terrier

The Boston Terrier. Boston’s are one of the canines on the list of popular dog breeds that deserves its position. They’re good solid dogs, loyal, loving, and playful with reasonable size. The best ones possess an air of self-confidence, fitting any dog that wears Armani suits every day of its life. It is excellent with children, not too noisy, and at home in any living situation, making it the perfect apartment dog. Although they snore and snort, most just consider it a cute breed characteristic. Coat care is easy. In all, the Boston Terrier is just a neat little canine companion. They are regarded as a small dog and weighs less than thirty pounds.


The Maltese. This dog is loving, bubbly, and intelligent and is another one on the most popular dog breeds list that is a member of the toy group. The Maltese look like an angel with their flowing, floor-length white coats in the show ring. However, those coats are not practical for everyday life, so regular professional clipping is essential.

This dog is so intelligent that it seems they are the ones training their owners. Fortunately, unlike other dogs, the Maltese are good-natured, and spoiling them will not lead to a tyrant. Children are more than welcomed around this dog; however, they must understand that they cannot play with them too rough. Like most toy breeds, the Maltese are also very yappy. They have beautiful minds, and they love to learn and show off. They are considered to be tiny dogs weighing less than fifteen pounds.

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