The Lion Dogs From China

Shih Tzu puppies or Lion Dogs are great pets to have. They’re always there waiting for you when you come home to pet them and cuddle with them.

In fact, after a long day at the office. There’s nothing like coming home to an eager Shih Tzu puppy. It will definitely help you forget about your hectic day. That is just part of the innocence and charm of the Shih Tzu.

This regal dog originated in China and the name (Shih Tzu) or (Shitzu, which is a common misspelling) means “lion”, that is why it is often called the lion dog.

The Shih Tzu goes by many names, including lion dogs, sleeve dogs, Tibetan Poodles, Lhasa Lion dogs, and many more. They were specifically bred for royalty. That means they love pampering, cuddling, and cajoling.

Therefore, they’re the ultimate companion as they’ll love nothing more than to be up under you night and day. In fact, they will not feel like they’re doing their job as companions if they cannot be around you 24/7.

Although they are great companion dogs, training is difficult and will more than likely test your patience.

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Looking at Shih Tzu puppies for the first time will immediately cause you to fall in love with their long, thick, and luxurious hair that falls to their big, round, and brown eyes. In my opinion, the Shih Tzu has the most beautiful eyes of all the other small dogs such as the Yorkshire terrier, Lhasa apso, Maltese, Pomeranian, and the Pug. They also come in various colors such as white, brown, gray, black, beige, and cream, to name a few.

These Little Lion Dogs Live Long

You should also know how long these lion dogs live. If you’re looking into finding Shih Tzu puppies for adoption or Shih Tzu rescue, it is wise to know that they live on average about thirteen to fourteen years.

Therefore, if you’re serious about owning one of these dogs, know that it is a long time commitment.

They’re not very big dogs. In fact, the length of their body can reach ten to eleven inches at the shoulders. In addition, they can reach eight to ten inches in height and weigh about ten to seventeen pounds.

People love them for their laid back demeanor and awesome personality. They also love children and get along well with them. The Shih Tzu does not shed as often as other dogs. However, they do need regular grooming.

If you’re sure that Shih Tzu puppies are the right pet for you and the family, it is now time to find a reputable and experienced breeder. In my opinion, finding a breeder is the best way to go, especially when dealing with a unique dog like the Shih Tzu.

Buying from a reputable breeder will ensure that you get a good dog with the right temperament.

A friend of mine once saw a sign that read “Shih Tzu puppies for sale.” After bringing the dog home, he realized that it was aggressive and had bitten him and his daughter multiple times.

I had to give him the bad news that his beloved Shih Tzu dog had a character flaw. And he needed to spend even more money to get the dog some help from a professional trainer.

The Shih Tzu is a breed that is not supposed to be aggressive. And if it is aggressive. Some forms of abuse probably took place.

Purchase From a Reputable Shih Tzu Breeder

If you purchase from a reputable breeder, you will not run into an issue as my friend did in the end. He ended up spending more money on the dog than if he would’ve dealt with an experienced and reputable breeder from the very start.

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During the first six months of their lives, Shih Tzu puppies do the bulk of their growth, and they reach puberty about the age of eight to twelve years old. They’re very energetic and have a high metabolism. In most cases, you will need to feed this particular dog three to four times daily, depending on their activity level. However, as they get older, you will have to reduce feedings to 2 times daily.

These dogs are also susceptible to becoming overweight, thanks to their genetics. They would prefer to lie in your lap while you pet and caress them than go on a long walk in the park.

If you’re looking for a dog that you can take jogging or on camping trips, you might want to get a Labrador retriever or a Boxer. Unfortunately, the Shih Tzu is also susceptible to spinal problems as they age.

They also love to take long naps after they’ve gorged themselves on their favorite meal. These dogs are high maintenance and you should not get one if you do not have the time or resources to take care of them.

You cannot talk about a Shih Tzu without talking about grooming, they need it regularly or their hair will get matted and dirty, which is a health hazard to the Lion dogs.

Shih Tzu Dogs will Demand Plenty of Time and Patience

If you do not have the time to groom properly, make sure that you can afford to take the dog to a professional groomer at least twice a month. When washing the dog, you can use some dog conditioner to loosen up any knotted hair.

Do not wash your Shih Tzu with shampoo. It can remove some of the oils that are naturally produced by the dog that help with keeping its skin from getting chapped.

You should also clean their eyes, as they’re prone to eye infections if not cleaned regularly. Clean around the eyes with some warm water and a cotton swab.

You should also keep the dogs ears clean with a cotton swab and ear solution that you can get at your local pet shop. After washing, you should blow dry with a dryer and style to your liking.

You will also need to brush the dog’s hair regularly preferably with a hard bristle brush as well as comb. Shih Tzu puppies love pampering. Therefore, you shouldn’t have any trouble while grooming.

However, in the beginning you might need to give her a treat to calm her down and allow her to associate grooming with treats. When she gets accustomed to being groomed. You will no longer have to give her treats. She’ll do it for the pampering.