21 Toy Dog Breeds

toy dog breeds

Thanks to portraits of Toy Dog Breeds on the laps of their affluent owners or dog lover, we have a wealth of visual records concerning Toy Dog Breeds. Because of this visual proof, we can see that some of these breeds have changed very little; mainly the Pug.

Early writers seem not to have been as captivated by the Toy Dog Breeds as they were of the larger, Sporting Breeds.

A notable writer of canine matters back in the 16th century by the name of Dr. Caius had this description for them: “These dogs are little, pretty, and proper. They’re fine and sought to satisfy the fragility of beautiful dames and wanton women’s guiles — instruments of silliness for them to play and dally withal. To trifle away the treasure of time, to withdraw their minds from their commendable exercises”.

The Toy Dog Breeds and Their Uses

Unfortunately, it seems like Dr. Caius appears to have overlooked the fact that many of the classified Toy Dog Breeds may well be minuscule in stature, but not in spirit.

One of the cutest representative of the toy dog group

Indeed, it can be amusing to watch one of these tiny dogs taking to task a dog many times greater in size. Although of course, it is only funny if the owners take great care, for accidents can and do happen.

Thanks to ancient records kept by civilizations of the far east we obtain insight into Toy Dog Breeds in that region. Several which had their origins there were brought to Europe as trade developed.

Now this area has become essential for the breeding of Toy dogs. For instance, the Papillon, although it carries a French name, very probably came from the Orient.

Few of the Toy Dog Breeds have been kept other than pets. However, many have been developed and bred down in size from breeds which have indeed earned their keep.

Cute little dog of the toy group running on a dirt road

Breeds in the Toy Group have long considered being female dogs but as times have changed, so have opinions. Today, you see men get as much desire and enjoyment from a toy dog as does a lady.

Though all are small in stature, the Chihuahua being the smallest and the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel at the larger end of the scale, all are small enough to curl up comfortably in a little corner of the sitting room or to sit on one’s lap.

Toy Dog List

There is plenty of choices where the coat is concerned. The Chinese Crested has virtually none, while the Maltese and Yorkshire Terrier have long, flowing coats to keep even the busiest hands occupied with grooming for hours if these dogs are to be held in full show coat.

Toy Dog Breeds always seem full of fun and packed with charm, and the Affenpinscher with its monkey-like appearance, or the cheerful little Griffon Bruxellois, cannot help but bring a smile to someone’s face and lighten up any second of the day.

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