About Shih Tzu Puppies

shih tzu puppiesWelcome to my website about the Shih Tzu dog. These dogs take the role of companion to a whole new level. All they want to do is please you, but they also have their own personality as well. Shih Tzu puppies are so cute and adorable, there is no doubt that they’ll melt your heart.

The Shih Tzu have a big heart as well as a particular zen-like tranquility, but on the other hand they  can be shrewd as well as display selective deafness at times.

Another great thing about this dog is the fact that they do not bark much and they do not get too rambunctious. In addition, do not expect your Shih Tzu to harass you to take a walk or throw a Frisbee.

The good thing is your Shih Tzu will always be there by your side no matter how bad or good the situation may be. I hope you enjoy the information here at Shih Tzu puppies.