The Utility Dog Breeds

When it comes to the utility dog breeds, there is a lot of controversies. For instance, Just in the year 1999, the Leonberger was subtracted from the group and added to the newly revised Working Group.

In other countries, some of the breeds fall into different groups. In part because there are often more original groups making it possible to split the breeds further.

Utility dog breeds and their uses

However, the Shih Tzu, for example, regularly finds itself in the Toy Group in other countries, including the United States. While in some countries the Tibetan Terrier finds itself being judged with the Terrier Group rather than with the Utility group.

The Utility Dog Breeds

In general, Utility Dog Breeds were not developed for any specific purpose. And if they were, their original intent has fallen into decline. The Dalmatian, once used as a coach dog; the Poodle, once a water dog; and the Bulldog, used for bullbaiting, are key examples.

Undeniably, the Utility Dog Breed is instead a ‘mixed bag.’ However, all the breeds seen together make for interesting thought as they differ so much in style, size, temperament, and so many other ways.

Some are as small as 9-10 in (23-25.5 cm), while others like the Japanese Akita and Dalmatian are at the Larger end of the scale in the canine world.

Some have easy temperaments, others are more difficult to control, and unquestionably some are among the most spectacular of breeds. The Lhasa Apso and Shih Tzu are indeed eye-catching with their long, flowing coats. Also, the Poodles quite remarkable, especially in show-trim, while the Chow Chow and Shar Pei are unique in their way.

Utility Group List of Dogs

Boston TerrierBulldogCanaan dogChow ChowDalmation
French BulldogGerman SpitzJapanese AkitaJapanese Shiba InuJapanese Spitz
KeeshondLhaso ApsoMexican HairlessMinature SchnauzerPoodle
SchipperkeSchnauzerShar PeiShih TzuTibetan Spaniel
Tibetan Terrier

Unlike several somewhat comparable breeds of a dog within other groups, it is not possible to directly compare many of the Utility Dog Breeds with any others.

Of course, one can compare the different sizes of Poodle against each other, but theoretically, these differ only by size.

To find a comparison between the Boston Terrier and Tibetan Terrier is difficult in anything other than the fact they share, for some inexplicable reason, the word ‘Terrier.’

Several dogs within the group are Spitz breeds, and although they vary, they share a common ancestry.

For size, color or temperament, those considering one of the breeds within this group have an endless choice and, in effect, the decision depends on one’s own personal preference and lifestyle.