The Terrier Group Dog Breeds

Selective breeding has been immensely successful in developing the many different varieties of Terrier Dog Breeds, which is influenced to a degree by requirements for exhibition purposes.

Terrier Dog Breeds

In a few cases, due to the geographic location of Britain, ease of transport in the early days being far from what it is now. Different types of Terrier Dog Breeds evolved in certain areas, such as Ireland and on the islands off the coast of Scotland. Also, in very localized areas around the towns and cities.

A variety of Terrier Dog Breeds evolved for a litany of reasons. Many were used by working men who created sport from hunting rats around industrial buildings. Other terriers worked in conjunction with hound packs, their purpose being to drive the fox from his den or hold him there until huntsmen could dig him out.

Terrier Dog Breeds

In the past, when badgers were still officially baited, a stronger terrier was needed with more powerful jaws. Therefore, some were crossed with Bulldogs to create fighting dogs, a favorite but unpleasant sport of the eighteenth century.

Thankfully, many laws governing the safety of dogs have changed. A variety of sports, as well as pastimes, have mercifully become illegal. However, many of the breeds initially involved in sports have retained their popularity amongst enthusiasts.

However, generally at shows, the numbers of Terrier Dog Breeds participating are not as high as those breeds in other groups, although there are indeed some very high-quality specimens amongst them.

When it comes to Terrier Dog Breeds, the Airedale stands out as the tallest; while the Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier differs from the others in terms of the coat.

Most in this group are small to medium size, and many of them need significant attention to their coats. Consequently, the services of a professional are likely to be required if one does not decide to learn how to do this specialist task.

Exceptions are the Bull and Staffordshire Bull Terriers which are smooth-coated. Like dogs in other groups, colors vary considerably, ranging from white to black, white with various colors and color combinations in between.

Terrier Dog Breeds are always full of character and self-assurance, and although many will not actively look for a fight, most will retaliate if provoked. So, owners should be aware of this and handle their dogs wisely.

Is a Terrier Dog for You?

  1. Dogs in the Terrier Group are vigilant and fearless; they’re excellent alarm dogs
  2. They adapt very well to small living quarters as well as city life; therefore, they make great apartment dogs
  3. Their extroverted personalities and moderate sizes can make properly trained terriers excellent companions for kids
  4. Terrier group breeds possess wirehaired coats, which are protective and low maintenance
  5. Thanks to their sturdy frames, they’re less susceptible to the many common orthopedic conditions and injuries that occur in other dogs
  6. Terriers need to be appropriately trained. Therefore, they require firm and consistent training, which will discourage rough play and biting
  7. Some dogs in this group tend to be dog-aggressive with other dogs without early, and comprehensive socialization
  8. Dogs in the Terrier group possess a strong predatory instinct. Therefore, supervision is a must when amongst other pets
  9. Terriers will cause trouble such as digging, chewing, and barking if allowed to get bored or neglected
  10. Bull and Terrier breeds may be subject to breed-specific legislation

Terrier Dog List

All terrier Group dogs are sturdy and robust. They possess incredibly high energy levels and heightened reactivity, which makes them respond instantly to anything unusual within their setting. Thanks to their size, caring for them is a breeze.

Because of their stubborn, energetic nature, they can be a challenge to train. Without proper outlets for their mental and physical energy, they will dedicate their time to barking, digging, and chewing.

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Skye TerrierSoft Coated Wheaten TerrierStaffordshire Bull TerrierWelsh TerrierWest Highland White Terrier