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The Miniature Bull Terrier is a cross between different terriers and Bulldogs. The resulting offspring came in a wide assortment of sizes. Therefore, breeders later divided the Bull Terriers by size for show classification.

Earlier breeders put Toy Bull Terriers on exhibition until 1914. Unfortunately, they never developed a strong following. The slightly larger Bull Terrier was a lot better in overall quality and eventually stabilized as the Miniature Bull Terrier.

Therefore, in 1963 the AKC accepted the breed into the miscellaneous class.

Miniature Bull Terrier Breed Facts and Resources

The Miniature Bull Terrier is a strongly built, squarely proportioned, active dog. In addition, it is distinguished by it’s long, oval-shaped head. The Mini Bull possess small, thin, and erect ears. Also, a black nose; and dark eyes with a piercing shine.

This breed possesses a muscular neck; a short, strong back; and a broad chest. The short tail is set low, fine, and tapered, and carried horizontally. The Miniature Bull Terrier’s legs are moderate in length, sturdy, and straight, and the feet are round as well as compact.

Miniature Bull Terrier Breed Facts and Resources

Energy levelWatchdog ability
Exercise requirementsProtection ability
PlayfulnessGrooming requirements
Affection levelCold tolerance
Friendliness toward dogsHeat tolerance
Friendliness toward other petsFriendliness toward strangers
Ease of training
How big do miniature bull terriers get

Activity level: High. This dog is an exuberant, and fun-loving breed that usually remains quite active until 5 to 6 years old. Miniature Bull Terriers need plenty of daily activity and personal attention, especially interactive play. Puppies should not take part in strenuous activities. These dogs can get bored if confined or neglected, which will lead to bad habits such as barking, chewing, or digging up the yard.

Group: Terrier

Size: 10 – 14 inches, 18 – 28 inches

Coat: Short, hard, flat, and glossy color: White or colored

Life expectancy: 11 – 13 years

Grooming: A weekly brushing is a must. Brush more often during seasonal shedding in spring and fall.

How much do miniature bull terriers weigh

Temperament: The standard describes the Miniature Bull Terrier as full of fire, courageous, even-tempered, and amendable to discipline. This is a quintessential terrier – inquisitive, playful, good-natured, and completely devoted to its family.

Tenacious and bold, they have a well-developed guardian instinct and make excellent watchdogs. In addition, they’re going to require consistent, firm discipline, and puppies must be closely supervised. Male Miniature Bull Terriers may not get along well with other male dogs.

Parent Club: Miniature Bull Terrier Club of America (; founded in 1966

Buyer’s advice from Parent club: Please learn more about any dog breed that interests you before going out and purchasing. Do your due diligence by performing careful research like attending dog shows, talking to breeders, and joining the MBTCA, Do not purchase a puppy without a health guarantee.

Rescue: You can find information under “rescue” on the club’s website.

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