The Working Dog Breeds

Working Dog Breeds are very intelligent and easily trained. Also, many of the breeds in this group are very large both in height as well as figure.

Their purpose and function in life vary; some are used as watch and guard dogs while others are intended to fight. The Great Dane belonged to this group, and hunting boar and stag was its primary function.

Working Dog Breeds and Their uses

The Giant Schnauzer and Bouvier des Flandres were mainly used to herd cattle; however, the latter, like other Working Dogs now perform security work.

Working Dog Breeds and Their uses

There are the breeds which work in water, dragging nets and retrieving, while others toil in snowy terrains.

The Saint Bernard is involved in rescue work, while others like the Alaskan Malamute and Siberian Husky represents several breeds involved in heavy haulage work.

In Holland and Newfoundland the working dogs pulled smaller carts, none the less coming to the aid of human beings in their works. Today, many of the Working Dog Breeds in this group are now primarily utilized for exhibition purposes as well as companionship.

Generally, many working dogs today no longer perform the work for which their breeds were designed to do. However, these dogs still carry out their duties by providing an invaluable service to people.

Amid this group, they’re dogs much loved and well-regarded the world over. As with the majority of group classification, there is a wide variety of dogs in the Working Group. However, none within this group can be considered small dogs.

List of Working Dogs

There are gentle giants such as the Saint Bernard and Newfoundland and one of the most majestic dogs the Great Dane. However, if these dogs were not so adept at training, they’d be more than a handful for anyone to handle.

Some of the Bull Breeds also fall into this group, and they’re powerful. The huge ones can weigh as much as a man, and you will need to handle them with great care.

These dogs are very commanding and will need to know who’s the pack leader. The coats vary when it comes to the working dog from short- coated Bull breeds to the more noticeably-coated ones such as the Portuguese Water Dog and Pyrenean Mountain Dog.

The dogs within this group all have active minds as they were bred to work in all manner of ways. Therefore, it is essential to fully understand a working dog’s original purpose before deciding whether a breed will be well-suited to one’s lifestyle – town or country, active or inactive, and so on.

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