The Pastoral Group Dog Breeds

Pastoral Dog Breed Uses
Pastoral dog breeds love to work

When it comes to Pastoral Dog Breeds, sizes vary; however, all have been used in the past, for work on the pastoral land. The low-set Welsh Corgis, along with some other breeds, are renowned for driving cattle by nipping at their heels. Whilst the larger breeds, like the Pyrenean Mountain Dog and Anatolian Shepard Dog, have protected shepherds and their flocks from predators.

Pastoral Breeds are used to herd and protect reindeer in northern regions, while the Malamute offers defense against bears and wolves. The Samoyed has doubled as both a sled dog and as a herder.

Pastoral Dog Breed Uses

Several Pastoral Dog Breeds are sheepdogs, and among them are some of the most highly celebrated in the world. Indeed, many farmers, especially in Wales and Scotland, still say that a good working Border Collie is as valuable as several trained men.

On the vast expanses of land in Australia, these Pastoral dogs provide a vital service.

The German Shepherd was one of the first dogs to be used in war. Therefore, it is a prime example of the heights of training which can be reached by dogs within the Pastoral Group. Also, many are highly skilled in obedience work and, more recently, agility.

Pastoral Group Dog Breeds such as these work in all weathers. Therefore, a serviceable and protective coat is a must. Most have dense undercoats as protection against the elements. However, Hungarian Puli and Komondor have distinctive coats which form cords. While, that of the Bergamasco form strands or loose mats and is greasy to the touch.

The smallest Pastoral Dog Breed is the Shetland Sheepdog, familiarly known as the Sheltie, a glitzy, small breed with a rich, luxurious coat which comes in a variation of colors. Even this breed’s eyes can be different, one each of two different colors.

The Bearded Collie is another breed with a long coat. It is entirely different from that of the Sheltie. On the other hand, the Anatolian Shepherd Dog is a short-coated but powerful and imposing breed which usually weighs well more than 100 pounds.

List of Pastoral Dogs

Anatolian Shepherd DogAustralian Cattle DogAustralian ShepherdBearded Collie
BeauceronBelgian Shepherd DogBergamascoBorder Collie
BriardCollieFinnish LapphundGerman Shepherd Dog
Hungarian KuvaszHungarian PuliKomondorNorwegian Buhund
Old English SheepdogPicardy SheepdogPolish Lowland SheepdogPyrenean Mountain Dog
Pyrenean SheepdogSamoyedShetland SheepdogSwedish Vallhund
Welsh Corgi (Cardigan)Welsh Corgi (Pembroke

Temperament varies from breed to breed, so it is essential to understand this aspect as well. Therefore, choose wisely before selecting a new dog to share your home.

It is also wise to bear in mind that working dogs prefer to lead a busy and active life. Therefore, they’re going to need plenty to stimulate and occupy their minds.

Many of the Pastoral Dog Breeds are glamorous. Indeed, some have changed almost beyond recognition from those seen a hundred or so years ago. However, all were bred originally to do a job, and in an ideal world, all should still be able to do that work.