Maltese Dog Temperament

Maltese dog

The Maltese have been bred strictly as a companion dog throughout history. Therefore, you can assume that you’re getting a gentle, affectionate, and friendly dog when it comes to the Maltese dog temperament. However, before we delve deeper into the Maltese characteristics, let’s learn a little more about this breed.

Maltese dog Temperament: Image of cute Maltese dog with its tongue out.
Maltese dog temperament information

During the Roman empire’s height, silky-coated, small white dogs have always been prized companions to the elites. Although the Maltese originated on the Island of Malta, many historians believe that the breed’s name was synonymous with various small, fluffy white dogs indigenous to the Mediterranean.

For centuries the Maltese remained popular as lapdogs for aristocrats. In Britain during the 1860s, they were among the first breeds exhibited at dog shows. Although they remained trendy in Europe, they didn’t catch on in America until the 1950s. Americans fell in love with the Maltese dog temperament.

Maltese Dog Temperament

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The Docile and affectionate Maltese fills the role of a lapdog with style and grace. However, be very careful because they also possess a wild side, and they love to run and play. Even though they’re small dogs, they’re pretty fearless and will not hesitate to challenge more substantial dogs. It is reserved with strangers, and some tend to bark a lot.

Maltese dogs are also friendly, spirited, and entertaining companions. They’re smart, with an uncanny ability to quickly pick up things, which allows them to excel in competitive trials. Maltese puppy training should be positive and gentle because they’re a sensitive breed. However, Maltese owners must resist the temptation to be overly lenient. Most of the bad habits in this breed manifests itself due to owners’ not correcting bad behavior.

This breed loves interactive play and loves to take daily walks, which will satisfy their exercise requirements. They also excel in rally, agility, and obedience competitions. However, if you prefer to exercise your dog in a fenced area, make sure to check the fencing carefully. Small openings can permit your canine companion to escape.

Besides the Maltese dog temperament, this breed is famous for its long, silky single coat that drops flat against the body that at times reaches floor-length. However, the silk-like hair is not weather-protected, so do not leave them outside exposed to the elements. These dogs are indoor dogs and do not do well in hot or cold weather.

Are Maltese Dogs Aggressive?

Maltese characteristics: Image of Maltese dog sitting in the grass on a hot day.

The majority of Maltese dogs are not aggressive if properly trained and socialized as puppies. However, all dog breeds are susceptible to aggression, especially if they’ve not been trained and socialized. Also, the Maltese, as well as other smaller breeds, tend to get aggressive when threatened. Whenever a Maltese feels threatened, they tend to resort to barking, biting strangers, and growling. These lap dogs bark a lot when threatened.

Because of the breed’s propensity to bark incessantly, they make good watchdogs. However, this behavior might not be a desirable trait for some potential owners. Constant barking can be a problem for some, especially those living in apartments. Fortunately, this is a problem that is solvable via regular training sessions. You can train your Maltese to only bark in certain situations.

Potential owners need to understand that some barking comes with owning a small breed dog. These are the pros and cons of Maltese ownership. So, if you’re in the market for a 100% quiet breed, this is not the one for you.

Thankfully, their barking does not usually end in aggression bites when compared to other breeds when they come into contact with strangers. Tiny dogs tend to have a bigger bark than they do bite.

If your Maltese shows any signs of aggressive behavioral traits, you must take steps to correct it immediately. This situation is when a good dog trainer is necessary.

Maltese Dog Price

Now that you’re familiar with the Maltese dog temperament, and I answered your question (are Maltese dogs aggressive?). It’s time to make a decision. You have finally made up your mind to go with the small companion dog because it fits your lifestyle. Now comes the hard part; you need to figure out how much you’re going to have to spend on this new addition to the family.

The Maltese dog price will depend on if you’re looking for a show dog or just a family pet. Usually, Maltese puppies purchased to be family pets will be in the $600-$1500 range. A top of the line show dog Maltese will be in the $2000-$5000 range. The Maltese dog temperament is important to know if you’re considering purchasing this breed.

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