How Well do you Know your Shih Tzu?

know your shih tzu

How Well do you Know your Shih Tzu? That is the million dollar question.

You can call your Shih Tzu a dog, you can be more specific and call him or her a member of the Toy Group of dogs. However, you can just call him or her your baby, which most of you already do.

Do you really understand what makes him or her a Shih Tzu?

Having a little knowledge about exactly what makes a Shih Tzu a Shih Tzu helps you better appreciate and care for your new best friend.

For instance, do you know what kind of coat a Shih Tzu is supposed to have? What color of eyes? What shape of ears?

Do you know how they’re supposed to move, how they’re bred to behave, and where they come from?

There’s so much to know, but never fear. This website helps you answer all of these questions and more.

You take a closer look at what the Shih Tzu is all about because to really know your Shih Tzu is to really love your Shih Tzu.

No matter what the situation, your Shih Tzu will always be there for you. In fact, that is all it wants to do. A Shih Tzu will not be happy unless it feels like it is making you happy.

Shih Tzu’s are companion dogs, and they cannot survive without being taken care of, this is because it has been bred this way for centuries.

The ancestors of the Shih Tzu were royal dogs that sat on the laps of royalty. Chinese emperors and empresses admired these little dogs and protected them.

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