introduce your new shih tzu

Would a Labrador Retriever and Shih Tzu Get Along?

Hello, I have a Shih Tzu that is four years old, and my family and I would love to get another dog. We’re currently looking at a Labrador retriever. My question to... Read more »
shih tzu dogs are cuddlier

Shih Tzu Dogs Are Cuddly

Shih Tzu dogs are cuddly: If you’re in the market for a cute and cuddly dog, you might want to give the Shih Tzu a look. They’re no other dogs, in my... Read more »
shitzu house-training tips

Shih Tzu House-Training Tips: Do Not Scold Your Dog

Shih Tzu House-training Tips! Be reasonable with your Shih Tzu. Do not scold your puppy too harshly. They may become confused and behave just the opposite of the way you would like... Read more »
training shitzu dogs

Training Shih Tzu Dogs

If you love small dogs, then you can own Shih Tzu dogs. These dogs have spunky personalities. They love companionship and attention, which makes them great as family dogs. However, training Shih... Read more »
shitzu rescue groups

Shih Tzu Rescue Groups: Giving Adult Dogs a Second Chance

Shih Tzu rescue groups are privately run, volunteer organizations that rescue animals and find them new homes. For the most part, they usually specialize in certain breeds. The rescue groups then work... Read more »
adopting an older shitzu

Adopting an Older Shih Tzu: The Advantages and Disadvantages

Are you thinking about adopting an older Shih Tzu? Because you do not want to deal with the whole getting a new puppy thing, which comes with having to housetrain, accidents on... Read more »