Do You Really Know What a Shih Tzu Is?

what is a shih tzu - shitzu looking handsome outdoors

Do you know what a Shih Tzu dog is? Well, you can call him an immediate member of the family. Or you can get technical and call him an occupant of the Toy Group of dogs.

Some might even feel compelled to call him or her baby (I’m guilty). However, do you actually know what makes this dog such a crowd favorite?

When you know more about what makes a Shih Tzu the dog it is today. It can help you to take better care of your friend as well as appreciate him or her more.

Have you ever gazed at your loving companion in absolute amazement and said, “This dog is the most beautiful dog I’ve ever seen.”

With that being said, I cannot argue with you if you’ve ever had such of an epiphany. However, do you know if that is the way, he or she is supposed to look?

Does your Shih Tzu make someone that passes by him or her say “WOW” Now that’s a Shih Tzu!?

It does not matter whether your Shih Tzu comes close to show-dog standard, but how well he or she carries out their function as a loving and loyal pet.

However, educating yourself on the intricacies of the breed standard can make a big difference in the way you treat your pet.

You will appreciate your dogs’ beauty and personality more so than ever before. Remember, your dog may not be perfect but he or she belongs to you.

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