Right and Wrong Reasons to Purchase a Shih Tzu

Planning to purchase a Shih Tzu is a significant decision and one that should not be taken for granted. Owning a Shih Tzu is an enormous responsibility. For the most part, potential owners only see a little puppy and forget that this tiny, defenseless bundle of joy will one day become a full-grown dog that will need constant healthcare, food, training, attention, exercise, and love.

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Owning a Shih Tzu is a rewarding, wonderful experience; however, people need to understand that there are right and wrong reasons for wanting to own such a magnificent breed of dog. Also, there are right and wrong choices primarily based on your living situation.

The Right Reasons to Purchase a Shih Tzu

There is a long list of right reasons to own a Shih Tzu, depending on your finances, lifestyle, and living space. This breed demands attention, plenty of love, play, exercise, quality food, and veterinary care. If you can provide everything on the list above, buying a Shih Tzu puppy or adopting a rescue Shih Tzu is the right decision. Keep in mind that these dogs can live up to 16 years. Therefore, this purchase is likely a life-long commitment. Make sure that you are able and capable financially and emotionally to take on this obligation.

Here are more right reasons for purchasing a Shih Tzu:

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  1. You are an owner that wants a dependable pet that’s always ready and willing to go on a long walk, run, or romp no matter what time or weather.
  2. You are more than willing to care and be responsible for another living thing that gives you years of unconditional love and attention.
  3. You have plenty of time and commitment to work and train your Shih Tzu now and in the future.
  4. You have the financial ability to provide the best quality dog food and health care for your Shih Tzu. The average cost of caring for and raising this breed is about $250 per year in veterinary fees plus an additional $50 per month in dog food. Also, if you have a Shih Tzu that requires a special diet, the cost of food goes up to $100 to $150 per month. Heartworm medicine, flea and tick medications can cost $30 to $50 monthly. The above costs are per dog; therefore, families with more than one dog will pay substantially more yearly.
  5. You want a loyal companion that wants to spend time with you and is more than happy to do it.
  6. You did your research on different breeds and have concluded that the Shih Tzu best fits your lifestyle now and in the future.
  7. You also researched rescues, breeds, or private owners and concluded that this was the best purchase.
  8. You can provide the space inside and outside and a loving and safe household environment for your Shih Tzu.
  9. You thoroughly thought through the purchase and consulted with other household members, and everyone is in agreement that a Shih Tzu is the right dog for the home.

Remember, ensure that all household members agree with the decision to add a Shih Tzu to the family, which is an essential part of the right reasons to purchase one.

The Wrong Reasons to Purchase a Shih Tzu

Too many times, I see people getting pets for the wrong reasons. Unfortunately, the wrong reasons mostly lead to many loving pets being dropped off at shelters or rescues, or given away to another owner. If you can, do not purchase or take a Shih Tzu from someone else for any of the wrong reasons listed below:

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  1. Buying a Shih Tzu on emotion rather than plenty of thought and planning. I have never seen a Shih Tzu puppy that was not cute; however, they are not perfect. Shih Tzu rescues are full because many owners did not expect the immense responsibility of owning this breed. A little research would have avoided this unfortunate problem.
  2. Getting a Shih Tzu just because it is trendy. Movies and videos and your favorite celebrity posing with a Shih Tzu can influence some people to go out and purchase the breed. Buying a dog without knowing its personality or training demands is not recommended. Avoid getting the dog because it’s currently in fashion.
  3. Getting a Shih Tzu to convey a message about yourself. A lot of breeds have become popular because of their reputations. This dog will do better with a mature and experienced owner that wants more than just prestige.
  4. Taking a Shih Tzu home because of guilt. There are times when people are pressured into purchasing or accepting a dog, knowing all too well they cannot afford or adequately care for it.
  5. Taking care of a Shih Tzu at a time in your life when you are not stable. Do not get this breed if you are not financially stable or your lifestyle cannot accommodate the immense responsibility of care for the pet.
  6. Buying a Shih Tzu for an infant or family member. If you cannot provide assistance and support, they most likely will not be a to care for it on their own.

Do your research, and coming up with an honest evaluation of why you want a Shih Tzu will go a long way in avoiding the many pitfalls of buying the dog for the wrong reasons.

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