Shih Tzu Breeder Questions

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Once you’ve managed to contact a few Shih Tzu breeders that you’re interested in purchasing a puppy from. Pay them a visit in order to meet the soon to be parents of the litter. Or to visit the puppies themselves. Don’t hesitate to ask the following Shih Tzu breeder questions.

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Do not hesitate to ask the Shih Tzu breeder questions

In general, you will not bring home the new puppy on your first visit. This first visit is usually just a visit to get to know the breeder and for the breeder to get to know you.

Good breeders will welcome the visit and would not mind showing you how they breed and take care of their dogs.

When visiting for the first time and taking the tour, make sure you inquire about where the dogs are kept. And that the breeder is forthcoming and upfront with information about living conditions.

Keep in mind, do not just scoop up any puppy you see. Look around and pay attention as well as get to know the breeder just as you’ll get to know the dogs.

Be Curious! ask the Shih Tzu breeder questions that any reputable breeder will be happy to answer for potential buyers.

Upon meeting the breeder for the first time. Expect him or her to ask you plenty of questions about yourself, your home, and your living situation.

Do not get frustrated with this line of questioning. The breeder only wants to make sure that you’d be a good match for his or her precious Shih Tzu Puppy.

Remember, Hobby breeders do not breed for profit, therefore, they care who takes home their puppies.

Do not purchase a puppy from the breeder without knowing the following Shih Tzu breeder questions:

Shih Tzu Breeder Questions you Should Ask:

What are some things I should know about the Shih Tzu before purchasing?

Most people that take the time to find a good Shih Tzu breeder have already done some research and most likely have read some books about them.

However, it will still be a good thing to ask basic Shih Tzu breeder questions about the breed just to see what they say.

shih tzu breeder questions
Make sure to ask these Shih Tzu breeder questions before you purchase puppies from any breeder

An honest breeder would let you know the good and the bad about the breed. Such as the amount of grooming required, housetraining, and some of the health issues associated with the breed.

Be aware of the breeder that points a rosy picture of owning a Shih Tzu – don’t get me wrong – Shih Tzu’s are awesome dogs; however, no breed of dog is without their problems.

Are you trying to produce any specific traits when you breed?

You know you’ve found a good breeder when he or she is striving for better health and behavior in the breed.

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Do not be scared to ask the Shih Tzu breeder questions that are hard and invasive.

Nonetheless, keep in mind that those breeders that show their Shih Tzus are breeding a dog that looks and acts perfectly, as well as for a nicer coat, texture, head shape, front-end, or other concerns important to them.

There is nothing wrong with this as long as they’re also keeping health and behavior into consideration.

Therefore, upon asking this question, you do not want a breeder to say “larger litter sizes”, or “huh!?”

Do your dogs have any health issues or concerns that I should be aware of? Are there any health problems or genetic issues that you’ve came across while breeding?

Breeders that tell you there are no health problems with their dogs either don’t test or just don’t know what they are talking about.

If this happens, run as fast as you can. Consider this a big red flag and continue your search for a reputable breeder that is honest and is not afraid of answering simple Shih Tzu breeder questions, which will allow you to make a wise and informed decision.

All breeders at some time would encounter some health problems in the breed.

Is it possible to take a look at any records of the vaccinations the puppies may have had up to this point?

This is information any breeder would love to share with you.

In fact, this should be the first thing the breeder highlights upon your first visit, or in some cases, over the phone.

Do you offer any guarantees and under what circumstances do they apply?

Good, honest, and reputable breeders usually have a contract that consists of some form of health guarantee. It protects the dog, you, and the breeder.

Pay very close attention to what you’re signing. In addition, be aware of your rights and what the breeder expects of you.

Keep looking if the breeder does not require a contract or any type of guarantee.

Are there any references?

Any breeder would love to produce you a list of names and phone numbers of previous clients that know him or her.

Don’t hesitate to call some of those numbers and talk to the clients personally. These clients would not hesitate to let you know if the breeder is worth your time.

Are you going to be available for Shih Tzu breeder questions in the future if I have any problems?

Any good breeder would be glad to assist you with any problems that may arise in the future with your Shih Tzu.

In fact, good hobby Shih Tzu breeders would be happy to be there for you throughout the life of the dog.

Can I return the dog to you if I can no longer provide the care that he or she deserves?

Most breeders know if you’re not a good match for one of their Shih Tzu puppies from the start.

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Shih Tzu breeder questions are always welcomed from reputable breeders

They know whose going to stick with their dogs through thick and thin. However, in the case of unexpected circumstances. Any reputable breeder would be elated to take back the Shih Tzu from you. Instead of you having to take it to an animal shelter.

In fact, in the contract that you signed with the breeder, it should have stated that the dog should come back to the breeder in case of a situation where you could no longer care for the dog.

How do you socialize your Shih Tzu puppies?

Most breeders that are responsible already has plans to socialize they’re puppies from the very beginning. This helps them get accustomed to being handled by humans.

How soon do you allow your Shih Tzu puppies to go home with someone?

Shih Tzu puppies as well as other puppy breeds need to stay with their mothers and littermates for at least eight weeks. However, most breeders prefer to keep smaller breeds including the Shih Tzu for at least 12 and in some cases 16 weeks.

This is a good sign that the breeder cares about his or her dogs. Unfortunately, if you’re not patient, this may not be good news for you. But keep in mind that this is what’s best for the dog.

The aforementioned Shih Tzu breeder questions are essential to know before purchasing your Shih Tzu.

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