Shih Tzu Grooming Information

care for your shih tzu - shih tzu staying calm during grooming

Depending on your perspective, grooming your Shih Tzu is the best or the most time-consuming thing about owning a Shih Tzu dog. This is why Shih Tzu grooming information is so important for owners.

Most Shih Tzu’s have thick, long coats, which require a lot of grooming. However, many Shih Tzu owners prefer to have their dogs groomed professionally every four to six weeks.

Doing it this way is fine, but be prepared for a hefty bill for this service.

Shih Tzu grooming information on how to take proper care of your little companion

If you have the means to get your Shih Tzu’s coat groomed professionally, you still need to brush his or her hair at least a few times a week. This enables you to keep mats and tangles from becoming a bothersome problem.

However, if you feel like this is too much work, or you just do not have the time. You can keep your Shih Tzu’s coat short. Keeping the coat short helps to minimize the work.

Shih Tzu’s that have long hair should be kept up on a daily basis. In addition to brushing, you must also develop a routine of nail clipping, teeth cleaning, eye care, ear care, and let’s not forget about daily cuddling and massaging.

Yes, you’ve got yourself a very high maintenance little dog. These are tasks that are better done by you on a daily basis. And should not be left for a professional groomer, unless you can afford to take your dog in at least once a week.

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