Shih Tzus are Social Animals

shitzus are social animals - shih tzu puppy and french bulldog

Shih Tzus are social animals; therefore, socializing a new puppy is an essential step to ensure that your little companion enjoys a long, stress-free, and healthy life.

Not taking the time to socialize your Shih Tzu puppy and not adequately continuing to socialize throughout their lifetime, you run the risk of creating unsavory behavioral issues. These behavioral issues can land your dog in danger as well as having to wear a muzzle in all public settings if they happen to act out aggressively toward another animal or person.

shih tzu temperament friendly
Shih Tzus are social animals

Most behavioral issues in the form of aggression could have been avoided if the dog was properly socialized and trained. However, when it comes to the adorable Shih Tzu because they are small and easy to carry around, you run the risk of indulging as well as babying them. Too much coddling and babying can create a dog that is insecure, or worse, one that is unpleasant, with a fondness for acting out toward anyone who gets too close.

It does not matter what type of dog you have; it is crucial that you establish yourself as the pack leader. Although the Shih Tzu is mostly friendly as well as peaceful with everyone, there are times when they can become stubborn or unruly.

Shih Tzus are social animals
Shih Tzus are social animals, they need companionship

For this reason alone, they need proper socializing and training, which teaches them to respect the word of their human pack leader. Without adequate training, even this small and sturdy canine will gladly take on the role of the leader of the pack. This scenario is something that needs avoiding because it can get you and your dog into a lot of trouble, mainly if they act out aggressively and bite someone.

Shih Tzus are Social Animals Even Though They Can Have a Mean Streak

Aggression is not a trait associated with this breed; however, when aggression does show itself, it is usually a stressful situation for both dogs and humans. Stress is not suitable for humans and dogs alike; it can shorten lives; therefore, help keep you and your dog happy and healthy by training them correctly and at a young age.

Early socialization of a puppy is essential; therefore, keep in mind that it is equally important to continue your adult dog’s socialization throughout his lifetime.

socializing your Shih Tzu
There is no mistake that Shih Tzus are social animals and need plenty of companionship

Just as proper socialization helps keep your dog happy and out of trouble, adequate training is also necessary. Do not overlook sufficient training, or you can aid in the creation of an unstable Shih Tzu that growls and barks at everything and one that thinks he is the pack leader.

Although Shih Tzus are social animals, the breed is extremely versatile and can excel at sports. Most people look at a Shih Tzu and automatically see lap dogs; however, they can hold their own in particular sports and activities just as long as they can spend time with you. Yes! This dog is a real lap dog, but they are no less capable than any of their larger canine companions. In fact, my Shih Tzu always takes home the prize for “Best Tricks” any time I enter him in a competition.

Can shih tzu's be friends with cats

When training and socializing your Shih Tzu, keep in mind that they have a shortened muzzle, which can affect their breathing. Therefore, exercise caution during training sessions. Also, try not to walk them for too long during sweltering hot weather. But do not let the small stature fool you, they are still capable of keeping up with you.

Remember to start training and socializing as early as possible. You can begin as soon as you bring them home from the breeder. As a result, you will have given yourself an excellent opportunity to have a happy, eager, loyal, and a safe companion at your side at all times. Remember, Shih Tzus are social animals.

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