Shih Tzu Pedigree: Why Don’t Your Dog Look Like The One On Television?

getting a shih tzu

Have you ever wondered why your Shih Tzu does not look like the one you see winning awards at dog shows on television? Or the Shih Tzu down the street? That’s why it matters what Shih Tzu pedigree you get from the breeder.

When it comes to dogs’ different forms and structures, it depends on the pedigree of the breed, which is the dog’s ancestry or lineage. This primarily has a lot to do with breeding.

Dog breeders have different ways of doing things. Some breeders try to improve upon the Shih Tzu. In comparison, others attempt to stick to the qualities that are considered ideal for the breed.

Shih Tzu ancestry

Every breeder is different; therefore, every pedigree will be different. For instance, if a breeder gets a puppy with a principally attractive coat.

That breeder may sacrifice perfection in other areas to pass on the trait of that particular coat.

Also, certain genetic lines may have differences, just as individual breeders may see things a little differently as well.

Shih Tzu Pedigree Is More Of An Art Than A Science

Some breeders tend to concentrate more on the health and the personality of the breed. While others pay attention to the aspects of the breed that they may want to enhance or improve.

Such as expression, the texture of the coat, the shape of the head, or movement. They’re individual breeders that may prefer a sturdier and larger dog, while other breeders may choose to breed smaller dogs.

When it comes to breeding dogs, it is more of an art than a science, which is why you do not see the same dogs running around the park as if they came from a doggy factory.

When looking for a good dog breeder, find one that is not ashamed to show you the Shih Tzu pedigree. Sometimes, it may include dogs that have been in dog shows or achieved titles in performance events.

Shih Tzu pedigree

Be wary of those who refuse to show you the pedigree or do not keep track, because they may not be breeding the right way.

Therefore, it is crucial to ask questions about the Shih Tzu pedigree before you purchase. The previous dogs in that lineage will determine how your dog looks, acts, and health.

It is essential to get this information from the breeder. Please do not leave without it. Keep the Shih Tzu pedigree information in a safe place, along with your dog’s other essential papers.

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