Best Types of Dog Food: 4 Top Brands Your Dog Should be Eating

best types of dog food
what are the top 10 best dog foods

Your puppy must begin on the right track when it comes to getting the proper nutrition from his dog food. A well-balanced diet will ensure that your puppy lives a long and healthy life. As pet owners, we have to be extremely careful that we do not feed our four-legged companion’s harmful foods. This alone is a good reason to educate yourself about the best types of dog foods out there for your canine companion.

I will like to see more dog owners putting just as much time in learning about the best types of dog food to feed their pups as they put into training them to sit and fetch.

Raw food diet for dogs

raw food diet for dogs

Regarding the best types of dog food for my dog, I recommend and prefer raw and high quality, grain-free kibble. Two primary things that come to mind when thinking about high-quality human food are all-natural and non-processed.

The same goes for dogs. Therefore, a raw, all-natural, non-processed, and carnivorous diet is the best for your dog. It is also the healthiest option.

Dogs are carnivores. Therefore, they possess the proper digestive system to consume raw meat and bones. Their stomach acid and their specific bacteria-killing enzymes allow them to consume these foods that give them the proper nutrients and minerals as well as a long list of other health benefits.

The ingredients in a raw diet that are never cooked or altered in any way from its natural state is more accessible for a dog’s system to digest and utilize the nutrients essential for optimal health. Therefore, if you have the financial means to feed your dog a raw food diet, the experts highly recommend it. To ascertain whether this particular diet is right for your specific dog, I recommend talking with your veterinarian or a pet nutritionist to find the best types of dog food for your canine companion.

Best quality and grain-free kibble

There are hundreds of dry kibble options available for your dog’s consumption. However, I will attempt to aid you in your decision-making process to find the best types of dog food for your puppy.

best types of dog food

If money is not an issue, I must suggest you get the highest quality kibble you can afford. The higher the quality, the better for your four-legged companion. In my opinion, stay away from the cheap stuff if you can. You do not have to take my word for it; if you want more info on the matter, I propose you check out the documentary “Pet Fooled,” which will give you some insight on the issue.

  • Top-quality kibble will ensure that your dog is consuming a well-balanced meal with the proper nutrition to ensure a long and healthy life.
  • Avoid colored kibble, which is nothing but harmful food coloring that is harmful to your dog.
  • Adopt a grain-free diet. Research shows that grain-free food is a lot easier on your dog’s digestion. Dogs do not require grain in their diets.
  • One of the most prevalent allergens in dog food is grain.

As soon as I took my dog off of grain-based food, her skin issues got better, and the constant itching and pulling at her skin stopped. Her skin issues gave me headaches, but it wasn’t until I changed her diet did she get relief.

  • Again, if you have the financial means, only shop at organic or holistic pet stores for your pet’s food and treats. In my experience, smaller pet stores tend to focus more on the individual and not the collective, providing the best nutrition for your dog’s personal needs.
  • Many dogs have sensitivities to the food they are consuming and could benefit from a hypoallergenic diet.
  • You can find how your dog is reacting to the food that you are currently giving them by trial and error and observing their stool, which is an excellent indicator of whether or not your dog’s digestive health is optimal.
  • Once you find the right food, stick with it, because changing a dog’s diet is hard on their stomachs. Therefore, do not make the switch right away. Mix the new food with the old for a few days before making the complete switch. This process will give your companion a few days for her stomach to get used to the new food.

In my opinion, dogs tolerate the following brands of dog food better than others:

  • Open Farm: This brand is not cheap; however, they do grow and raise all ingredients they put in their food.
  • PureVita: This brand is made, especially for dogs with stomach issues and sensitivities.
  • NutriSource: This dog food is a good and high-quality brand for people that keep multiple dogs or are cash strapped but still want their dogs to have a high-quality and nutritional diet.
  • Stella & Chewy’s: This brand is a little more on the high end as well; however, it is extremely rich in vitamins and nutrient-dense.

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