Best Dog Puzzle Toys: Top 3 Reasons to get your Canine Companion Interactive Puzzle Dog Toys

A lot of folks are under the belief that puzzle toys are not for dogs. If you are of this mindset, then your dog is missing out on a lot of fun! The best dog puzzle toys are a great way to challenge your canine companion with interactive play, which helps to strengthen their mental abilities.

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The best dog puzzle toys provides great mental and physical stimulation

The best dog puzzle toys are a lot like human puzzles in the sense that it stimulates your companion’s intellect as well as integrate problem-solving into her everyday routine. These challenging dog toys and games come in a variety of forms that ranges from simple hide-and-seek to interacting with everyday items.

Some of the interactive games include sliding bricks, retrieving snacks from interactive doggy bowls, lifting blocks, and turning discs. These activities are an excellent method of challenging your puppy’s mentality and her characteristic love of play.

The benefits of interactive dog puzzle toys

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The best dog puzzle toys will give your canine family member hours of interactive play

Too many owners ignore the significance of the mental stimulation of their dogs. However, it is not because they don’t want to, but some owners just don’t have time, or they find it too tedious to come up with ideas on how to challenge their dog on an everyday basis. When one understands the real value behind dog puzzles as well as doggy games, you’ll truly understand the actual cost of how much it can help your fury pup lead a happy and healthier lifestyle.

1. Puzzle toys can help correct behavioral issues. One of the most identifiable benefits of the best dog puzzle toys is the ability to help your dog overcome boredom. Boredom can present a huge problem for owners with high-energy dogs. Puzzle toys can also help stop the onset of behavioral issues further on down the road.

Nina Ottosson is a designer and CEO of the dog puzzle toy line (Outward Hound) based in Sweden. According to Ottosson, “dogs have four legs and one head, and all five need activity in different ways—every day.” By providing your dog with puzzles and games routinely, you can efficiently train her to behave, instead of allowing her to create fun by herself, which would most likely involve chewing or getting into some type of mischief.

Ottosson also says that when a dog is bored, they can become restless and unfocused, which reveals itself in destructive behavior. These behaviors include chewing, excessive barking, digging, running around, and not listening. One thing you can do for your dog is to present her with one of many interactive puzzle dog toys.

2. Owner and puppy bonding. Dog puzzle games are an excellent way to get your canine friend to play solo or interact with her human, which can build strong relationships. Playing together with your dog is the primary purpose of these puzzle games, which allows the owner to activate the dog in an easy and fun way within the household. The bond that the dog owner and pup build is a bond that is rooted in successful training as well as obedience.

3. Training goes a lot easier when your dog is tired and not bored. The advantage of using dog puzzle games to train dogs appears evident from the information mentioned above. Still, these games and interactions use a lot of the puppy’s mental and physical energy, which allows for a more docile and receptive pet. By using all of his physical and mental energy on the best dog puzzle toys, he will be more susceptible to learning good behaviors and not falling into bad ones.

Tips on how to implement these toys into your puppy’s daily routine

No dog is identical in personality; they all have different needs when it comes to mental stimulation. Experts recommend at least 15—30 minutes of play daily using puzzle toys. One of the best dog puzzle toys for this is one that allows you to hide treats inside and let your dog figure out how to retrieve it on his own. The good thing about puzzle games is that any dog, no matter the age, health, or physical level, can benefit. For puppies, it is essential to start with games that are simple, quick, and involve lots of communication with their owner as well as encouraging feedback and praise.

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For injured or older dogs, limit the strain of the games by allowing them to participate using their nose instead of their paws. Keeping a hurt dog still for long periods is not an easy task. However, puzzle games are a great way to keep them active, which allows an outlet for that energy.

The use of dog puzzle games can be beneficial for those finicky eater underweight dogs as well. Some dogs prefer to eat food from a puzzle feeder over their meal bowls. Therefore, it would be a good idea to get one of the many dog treat puzzle toys for your pup. This particular puzzle toy requires your puppy to figure out how to manipulate the dome to release the kibble or treat, which keeps her mentally stimulated as well as engaged.

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