Wire Dog Crate vs. Plastic Dog Crate: 4 Important Reasons Why your Puppy Needs One

wire dog crate vs. plastic dog crate

I cannot tell you enough how imperative it is for your puppy to have her own crate. The decision between a wire dog crate vs. plastic dog crate is an important decision that new dog owners must face. Dog crates are one of the utmost critical accessories for your new puppy for the following reasons:

best wire dog crate: dog relaxing in wire dog crate
Choosing between a wire dog crate vs. plastic dog crate can be confusing
  1. Every dog needs a secure space of their own where they feel safe and protected. Dogs are den animals. Therefore, each one should have a place of their own where they can go to escape and relax.
  2. Crates are for your companion’s mind, well-being, and behavior. Your house is full of distractions that can swerve your puppy’s attention here and there. Puppies roaming freely in any environment where there are plenty of household items that they may ponder as chew toys is not a good thing. However, the crate is the one place where you can limit all outside distractions and put your little puppy’s curious mind at rest.
  3. A crate is a necessity when it comes to proper housetraining. The crate is the one place where you can feel safe that your puppy will not have an accident (that’s if the crate is not too large, and you do not leave her in there for an extended time without potty breaks). Dogs are intuitive creatures and will not use the bathroom where they sleep or where they consider their “den area” to be. When considering the right crate for your dog, remember that the crate’s size is significant. Crates that are too small is going to be problematic because your dog will be uncomfortable. No sane person would want to be locked in a room where they can barely move or lie down. Unfortunately, many dog owners select dog crates that are just too large for their puppy. Puppies that have excess room in their crates stop looking at it as a den. For instance, when there is too much room to walk around, the puppy no longer recognizes the entire crate as a den; she will consider one area as her den and the other as the bathroom. When a crate is too large, your dog will go to the bathroom inside of it. However, if you get just the right size, your companion would not want to dirty up her safe place.
  4. It is an excellent tool for boundary training and self-control. You can also use the crate to train behaviors that you deem desirable. For example, it is a perfect tool for dealing with behavior issues, such as separation anxiety.

Wire dog crate vs. plastic dog crate: Which one should I buy?

best plastic dog crate: image of dog in plastic dog crate
A wire dog crate vs plastic dog crate can come down to personal choice

When it comes to buying dog crates, there are two main options: a wire dog crate vs. plastic dog crate. However, there are some advantages as well as disadvantages to each one. In my opinion, the wire crate is the best for multiple reasons. Firstly, I love the divider feature that comes with the wire crates, which allows you to start small when the puppy comes home and adjust later as she grows. As a result, you can utilize the same crate throughout your canine’s life.

Unfortunately, plastic crates do not allow you the flexibility as the wire. As your dog grows, you will have to purchase new ones. I do not recommend plastic crates for those on a budget. A wire crate is a much better and longer-term investment.

Additionally, wire crates are a lot more maneuverable because they can collapse and fold, unlike the plastic ones. Wire crates also come equipped with a removable bottom, which makes them a breeze to clean. I also believe that dogs like the wire crates a lot better because they can see outside, and can see their pet parents coming.

However, the only advantage the plastic crate has over the wire ones is that you can transport your pet in them, which is something you cannot do with the wire crate because they are not airline approved

Finally, it is your choice on which one to choose. I have experience with both, and they are highly useful tools for training and providing your dog with a safe and protected space to call her own. Therefore, choose which crate is best for your personal needs. Hopefully, this article was able to shed some light on the wire dog crate vs. plastic dog crate comparison.

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