Home Remedies for Fleas

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Fleas pose one of the greatest health challenges among human beings. Similarly, it is not uncommon to find your loving pet cats and dogs infested by fleas. This can lead to a number of health problems. Having said that. It is paramount that individuals gain a comprehensive understanding of the most effective home remedies for fleas in a home.

Home Remedies for Fleas

The problem associated with fleas makes home remedies a matter of urgent concern. It is said that prevention (flea deterrence) may not necessarily be a sustainable solution.

Rather, one of the most dependable solution is killing the fleas. The University of California Pest Management Program notes that new, safer, and more effective products have had a profound impact on flea management.

Home Remedies for Fleas on Humans

Home remedies for fleas on humans can prove difficult but not impossible. Jamie Simpson, an Indianapolis based researcher and journalist, says that home remedies for fleas on humans should also involve treating the environment.

In this regard, it is important that one learns about home remedies for fleas in carpets. Carpets and rugs needs spraying with insect growth regulator.

This prevents the young larvae from developing into mature adults. One should also carefully vacuum the carpet.

Natural methods of treating fleas among humans include the use of lemon juice, lavender oil, aloe vera, and washing with soap and water.

In particular, home remedies for fleas in the yard largely involves controlling the movement of the infectious pests.

Fleas on Dogs

One of the causes of a dog’s irritation and discomfort is the presence of fleas. Having said that, home remedies for fleas in dogs are divided into two groups, natural and artificial.

There are several ways you can eradicate fleas on dogs. To start with, a combination of boric acid and a vacuum goes a long way in getting rid of the fleas in dogs.

In this regard, boric acid should be applied on all areas that have had contact with your dogs. Also, this method can be used on carpet, furniture, and hard-flooring.

Second, rosemary flea dip should be carried out on the dog. In this regard, the dog should not be rinsed but should be left to dry naturally.

Third, cedar oil has anti-bacterial properties and pesticides effects. In connection to this, a cedar dog bed is important in repelling fleas.

Lastly, spraying your dog with lemon spray is essential in getting rid of the fleas. Other natural ways of home remedies for fleas on dogs include a flea color, flea deterring drink, the use of a flea comb.

Claire Goodall, a nature enthusiast adds that a flea (by-gone) bag can help in repelling the fleas.

The Natural Resources Defense Council notes that the artificial home remedy for fleas on dogs largely involves the use of pests and flea formulation.

Similarly, the Pesticide Research Institute says that low toxicity pesticide is safe and effective in interrupting the flea life cycle.

Concerning the use of chemicals to treat fleas among human beings, one can apply the topical or systemic antipruritic treatment. If one is allergic to insect bites, the use of oral Benadryl can reduce itching and swelling.

Fleas on Cats

Cats, just like other pets, are not immune to flea infestation. Repelling fleas among the cats is more difficult than it is among the dogs. This is because the cats are sensitive to essential oils and they lick themselves a lot.

Nevertheless, there are pest’s solutions to the fleas on cats. It is important that an individual clearly understood the most effective home remedies for flea on cats.

To start with, a mixture of water and white vinegar has a great bearing in getting rid of fleas on cats. Definitely, the cat will not allow you to spray it.

However, it realizes with time that the spray does no harm and adapts to it. By extension, the mixture should be spread on the house and the cat’s bedding.

Second, hydrogen peroxide can be applied on the cat’s fur in order to get rid of the pests.

Third, treating the cat’s skin and fur with lemon juice will see the fleas start disappearing. This should be repeated every week for several weeks until all the fleas are gone.

Lastly, a number of spices are natural ingredients for fleas. These include oregano oil and cumin.

There are a number of synthetic pest-control products that can help in getting rid of fleas on cats. These include powders, collars, and sprays.

However, one should always read the instructions contained in the label and consequently follow the instructions carefully. In addition to that, following the correct dosage is important.

Safety Measures

Medline Plus says that children should not be at home during fleas home remedy treatments. Similarly, when chemicals are sprayed, one should lay concrete measures to ensure that the birds and fish are protected.

Jennifer Kvamme advises that if you are in a household where dogs and cats stay together, getting the same treatment for both dogs and cats is not a prudent idea.

This is because dogs and cats do not have the same physiology. Consequently, what may work for the dog may not necessarily work for the cat, and vice versa. In fact, some canine formulations of flea prevention may be lethal to cats.

It should be noted that chemical flea treatment carries the risk of a toxic reaction. In addition to that, fleas can cause an allergic reaction among some pets and humans, a condition known as allergy dermatitis.

Professional Home Remedies for Fleas

Getting rid of fleas can be a hard task and may require many attempts. Sometimes, your efforts on home remedies may not work after all.

In such a case, the most feasible thing to do is to seek the services of pest control professionals.

One of the greatest advantages of seeking professional flea control services is that experts can identify the vulnerable areas and offer a permanent and sustainable flea control solution.


Fleas are obnoxious and persistent pests. If left untreated, they can cause several health problems such as anemia.

Another cause of concern is the distress that the pests can cause on both human beings and pets. In extreme cases, fleas can cause the death of your pet.

It is therefore important that households lay concrete measures aimed at keeping the pests at bay. Overall, getting rid of fleas is indispensable in ensuring the health of human beings as well as pets.

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