Shih Tzu Needs Adopting: 2-Year-Old Little Female Needs a Loving Home

picture of shih tzu that needs adopting

Shih Tzu needs adopting! This is a beautiful Shih Tzu that needs a loving home. So, is there someone out there that can give this deserving Shih Tzu a loving home?

Baleigh is a 2 yr old stunning white and tan Shih Tzu who weighs eleven pounds. However, this little girl came to our rescue because she was found and taken to the shelter and her owner never came to collect her. Therefore, a rescue was called. Click here for more information on adopting a rescue!

Update: Baleigh has already been ADOPTED!

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9 Comments to “Shih Tzu Needs Adopting: 2-Year-Old Little Female Needs a Loving Home”

    1. I had the most beautiful Shih tzu girl for 9 years. She was 3 years old at the time. She past away with a total kidney failure in Feb. this year. I cried every day for 2 months. Then in Feb. I bought a gorgeous female Shih Tzu. She was 7 weeks old. She was perfect except for biting. We adored her. She was so beautiful…made us laugh every day, and loved to play. Then 10 days after we got her,she started having seizures. It got worse and the doctor did not want to put on medication because she was so young. Well, yesterday at 1:15 AM she passed away from a congenital disease. We had for less than 2 months. I was shocked. I have been crying since. We miss her so much. I am so lonely. I lost my best friend. I cannot go through that anymore. I am a senior Registered Nurse on disability. I want a baby to love. I am going through financial hardship. Please contact in regard to your beautiful healthy Shih Tzu. Thank you. a Mj.

  1. Has Baleigh been adopted? We cannot click on the link as we get an error and are potentially interested in adopting. Thank you.

  2. I am interested in a Shitzu. I am looking for one who gets along with 2 easy going cats. We have a lot of property and lots of love to give. I would like to have one that has already been potty trained.

    Thank you.

  3. I would love to adopt her. I have 2 male dogs and she would add so much to our family.

  4. Looking for a two yr old shih tzu male to be a brother, and playmste, for my two year old male shih tzu

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