Male or Female Shih Tzu – Which Should you Choose

male or female shih tzu

If you are looking for a wonderful companion that will keep you entertained and be a faithful friend for its entire life, then either a male or female Shih Tzu will do very well. However, it is simply a matter of personal preference and the choice is yours.

image of male Shih tzu and female Shih tzu sitting side by side

Males and females are equally affectionate and loyal. Behavior really depends on the individual’s personality and the type and amount of socialization it received as a very young puppy.

With kindness, patience, and understanding, either a male or female Shih Tzu can fit nicely into the right family situation.

Find a Reputable Breeder Before Purchasing a Male or Female Shih Tzu

male or female shih tzu

Shih Tzu sizes range from nine to 10 ½ inches at the shoulders. However, female Shih Tzus are usually smaller than males. Height should not exceed 11 inches or be shorter than eight inches. Ideal weight is from nine to 16 pounds and should be in proportion to the animal.

If you are thinking of raising Shih Tzus in the future. You have to seriously consider your options and discuss these plans with the breeder.

They can assist you in making an appropriate decision about which animal to purchase at the beginning.

two beautiful Shih Tzu puppies cuddling together in a suit case

Most novice breeders begin by investing in the best female they can find, which is often an adult female that is a proven winner in the show ring and an excellent representative of the breed. She may have also previously produced a litter.

Or, with the help of an experienced breeder, a novice might want to find the most suitable stud dog for the female and pay for its services.

If you are not planning to breed Shih Tzus, you definitely should have your dog, male or female, neutered as early as possible.

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