Male Shih Tzu and Female Shih Tzu Which one Should you Choose?

male Shih tzu and female Shih tzu

In most cases, whether you choose a male or a female Shih Tzu does not matter. Many experienced Shih Tzu people will tell you that they’re slight differences between the sexes.

However, the most important thing is the individual health and personality of the dog.

Above all, before selecting a Shih Tzu based on whether they’re male or female, talk to the breeder about what to expect when it comes to individual personalities of the puppies.

When it comes to dogs, personality outweighs gender at any time of the day. However, there are some differences. Not all Shih Tzu’s will fit into every stereotype.

Here are some differences between the breeds:

Female Shih Tzu

Female Shih Tzu dog looking so cute

– Very independent and is very strong willed

– Demands attention and wants to run things, you’ll probably end up worshiping her

– Needs to be socialized or she may get too protective over her favorite person

– Most likely will be very difficult to house-train

– Will have more spunk and likes to do things and is more likely to pick up tricks

– Will love to be around you all day, every day

Male Shih Tzu

Male Shih Tzu dog looking handsome

– Very sweet and is more likely to want to stay in your lap all day

– Can’t help giving him all of your attention because he’s so charming

– Will love you with all his heart no matter who you are

– More sensitive; do not raise your voice at him

– Loves to sit on your lap, eat treats, stare at you, potty break, and sit on your lap again

– Number one reason for living is to worship you

Keep in mind that these points are nothing more than just generalities! However, the differences between male and female can also be more pronounced in dogs that are spayed and neutered.

And in most cases, you’re probably going to spay and neuter them. It is totally up to you whether you pick a male or female Shih Tzu. Hopefully, this article will help you make up your mind.

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