Teach your Shih Tzu How to Come

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teach your shih tzu to come

Teach your Shih Tzu how to come to you! The first thing that your Shih Tzu must learn is her name so that she can come to you when called and respond to your commands later on.

You can accomplish this feat rather easily by calling her name when it’s time to eat. In no time at all, your Shih Tzu will associate her name with something pleasant.

When you Teach your Shih Tzu How to Come, Use Food Rewards to Keep Her Guessing

You can also start by using little treats and a lot of praise as a reward whenever she comes to you.

happy Shih Tzu running to its owner smiling

Do not let her know that you have a food reward. Keep her guessing. Though, after some time, you can slowly decrease the frequency of the rewards. But it would help if you continued the praise.

Therefore, your Shih Tzu will eventually come every time you call, for the praise and attention and not for the treats.

Nonetheless, you can still surprise her with a small reward every once in a while. Hopefully, this teach your Shih Tzu how to come article helped you to get your little companion to come when called.

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