Shih Tzus Need Training No Matter How Cute They Are

shih Tzus need training

No matter how cute, charming, or charismatic your little Shih Tzu is. They still need to understand that the new family carpet is not a personal toilet. This reason alone is why Shih Tzus need training too.

Shih Tzu puppy training book
All Shih Tzus need training. Discover the secrets to training your dog with ease

Your Shih Tzu must also learn that your children’s fingers are not finger toys for nipping, or that running outside as soon as the doors open is not safe.

No matter how cute or polite a dog is, it still needs to be trained. You must also understand that your Shih Tzu is a dog and it must not assume the role of the homeowner.

He or she needs to know and understand the rules; therefore, you must enforce these rules or you could have an unruly Shih Tzu on your hands.

Shih tzus need training
Shih Tzus need training no matter how cute they are

Remember, Shih Tzus need training; do not let them train you. Unfortunately, humans are just too easy to train.

For example, your Shih Tzu may have already had you trained to give him or her treats on consignment, give them a soft lap to lounge on, and shower him or her with affection when they need it.

A large majority of dog owners are easily controlled when it comes to cute little dogs.

Therefore, it is in your best interest to ask yourself before you begin training your Shih Tzu: Who is training whom?

Shih Tzus Need Training: Here are Some Tips on How to Get Started

When training your Shih Tzu, you must start when they are as young as possible. Also, you want to teach at a pace that your Shih Tzu can handle. Every puppy is different, and they learn and mature at different rates as well.

If your dog is not comprehending specific commands but seems to follow others, it might be too early for those particular tricks or commands. Do not yell or punish your Shih Tzu by striking or hitting her.

Shih Tzu training supplies
Shih Tzus need training or they can become unruly

Harsh treatment will only frighten your dog. Your dog will not realize why you are angry and being mean. Also, mistreating your Shih Tzu will undoubtedly affect the bond between the two of you.

Yelling at puppies and hitting them will only make them timid or shy dogs in the future. In other instances, battered dogs tend to become nervous and aggressive. Although Shih Tzus need training, they do not deserve mistreatment under any circumstances.

Puppies trained using positive reinforcement, treats, rewards, and lots of love, patience, and attention are going to develop into friendly, responsive, and extremely social Shih Tzus.

Before the training begins, you are going to need some necessary supplies. These supplies include:

  •  A really good, soft fabric collar that is adjustable in size. Make sure that the collar fits securely around the puppy’s neck but slack enough where you can get two of your fingers between the collar and the back of the neck without it being too tight for the puppy.
  • You will also need a standard form or retractable leash or lead. I find that the retractable leads are a lot easier to work with because it can allow the puppy more freedom, depending on the situation.
  • The final item you will need is some highly flavorful and tasty treats for your Shih Tzu. Try to get some that are healthy, not high in carbs, fats, or sugars. You can make great doggy treats on your own with beef hotdogs, and dogs love them. Go to your icebox and take out a few hotdogs, thinly slice them, then put them in the microwave until they dry out and resemble the consistency of chips. You also have the option to cut them into ½ rounds or ¼ rounds if your Shih Tzu is still tiny. When it comes to treats for training, smaller is better, and remember to hand them out sparingly.

With your essential supplies in hand, you are now ready to start your Shih Tzu training.

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