Training Equipment For Your Shih Tzu

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How to train a shih tzu puppy

Although Shih Tzus are eager to please and quick to learn, Shih Tzu training, especially housebreaking, needs persistence and consistency due to this breed’s stubborn personality. This is why training equipment for your Shih Tzu is important.

As pack leader, the rules must be made consistently clear to avoid Small Dog Syndrome, a behavior in which the dog believes he is the pack leader to humans.

Being a toy dog, the main purpose of the Shih Tzu is companionship and a house pet. Since this breed needs and likes to be around people, it is appropriate to train them on how to behave accordingly.

Obviously, Shih Tzu training is different from training a dog as large as Great Dane or as brave as a Bull Terrier.

When training, you must consider this breed’s size, temperament, characteristics, and training methods and equipment appropriate for a dog this small.

Since there are various training equipment for your Shih Tzu to choose from, it’s wise to be very careful about which one is right and can help you create a well-mannered spunky little dog.

Training Equipment for your Shih Tzu

Some first purchases you will need to make for your dog include:


A dog collar has other purposes than just a fancy material around the neck of a dog. Apart from fashion, it can be used for control and identification. Tags containing the dog’s identification are often placed on dog collars.

In Shih Tzu training, collars are ideal for controlling the dog, for they provide a handle for grabbing.

There are different types of collars:

Buckle collars or flat collars, break-away collars, and stud collars all are considered basic collars. Training collars include flat collars, slip collars, prong collars, martingale collars, shock collar, and wolf collars.

For your Shih Tzu, the weight of the chain and the size of the links must be appropriate to the size and weight of your Shih Tzu.

Misuse can put you or your Shih Tzu in danger. Usually, collars are often used together with;


Dog leashes, just like collars, are great tools to help you control your dog. Dog leashes differ in materials, lengths, and styles. When buying leashes, choose which one is right for your Shih Tzu.

Chain and woven nylon leashes are strong; however, nylon cannot withstand chewing if your dog is fond of that. Therefore, it is a great idea to use chain leashes if you haven’t dealt with your dog’s chewing behavior.


How to train your dog shih tzu

Regardless of dog breed or training objective, rewards such as food, treats, and toys are great tools to reinforce your dog to obey commands. No wonder they are called positive reinforcers.

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