Train Your Shih Tzu: It’s Important

training shih tzu is a must
train your shih tzu

A really good friend of mine that is a breeder once told me that to train your Shih Tzu is not a must. I know many people who made the mistake of getting a Shih Tzu; unfortunately, they believed that they wouldn’t have to go through the arduous task of training them.

However, they find out the hard way that all dogs need training. Therefore, training your Shih Tzu is a must!

You Have to Train Your Shih Tzu To Teach Them the Rules

The Shih Tzu has some particular tendencies that can be guided. This would turn your dog into an even better-behaved and easy-going pet than they normally are.

Keep in mind that a pet dog does not come with pre-installed information about your home rules or partialities.

how to train your shih tzu to come
It is important to train your Shih Tzu

Your little Shih Tzu does not know that the newspaper makes a better toilet than the brand new carpet in the living room.

Your dog will have no idea that barking in the middle of the night is not a good idea. And depending on your living arrangement can get you evicted.

That is why dog training is so important. Your Shih Tzu will learn your partialities, rules for good behavior, and so much more.

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