Shih Tzu Rescue Groups and The Job They Do

shitzu rescue groups

Shih Tzu rescue groups are privately run, volunteer organizations that rescues animals and finds them new homes.

For the most part, they usually specialize in a particular breed. And they work closely with the animal shelters that contact them any time that particular breed comes into the shelter.

Shih Tzu rescue group are responsible for getting the Shih Tzu, cleaning them up, and evaluating them. Until they can put them into a permanent home.

Recuse groups refer to this home as the dog’s ‘forever home’. This is because they work hard to place the dog with an owner that will not give up the dog like the previous owner did.

A good amount of the rescue groups raise money as well as use their own individual money to fund their operations.

This money is then used to provide medical care for the pets and other services such as spay neuter, and basic obedience training, which would make them more adoptable and successful pets.

A rescued Shih Tzu could be the perfect pet for the right person.

There are plenty of benefits to rescuing an older Shih Tzu:

1) Many rescued Shih Tzu’s have already been housetrained; therefore, have already learned to behave in the home.

2) They get along great with children as well as other pets, however, if they don’t, the rescue workers would have known because they carefully evaluate the dogs before releasing them.

3) For the most part, these dogs can obey simple commands like Sit and Stay.

4) In some cases, owners have reported that the dogs seem to know that they’ve been rescued and show their new owners gratitude with a particularly strong bond.

5) The dog is already full grown; therefore, you will know how the dog looks and acts. They’re no surprises when you rescue and older dog.

You will also be able to make the right choices for your dog because the rescue group has already screened them.

You will get all of the information about your new Shih Tzu rescue dog such as the dog’s foster parents, and what it’s like to live with the dog.

Tips on finding Shih Tzu rescue groups

Now that you’ve learned about rescue groups and what they do, I’m sure you would like to know where you can get in contact with a rescue organization. Below are a few places that you can get started.

1) ASTC:

The ASTC has a rescue committee with a lot of members all over the United States. You can find them online at

2) PetFinder:

This internet source is among the many favorites for finding pets that are adoptable.

This website is very user-friendly and allows you the ability to select any breed that you want by entering your zip code, which gives you a list of all current animals that are available for adoption near you.

They’re database is very huge and up-to-date. You can find them at


The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has a great website ( which has tons of information and resources pertaining to the adoption of pets as well as a search engine that allows you to find rescue groups and shelters in your area.

4) Pets911:

This is another great website for performing local or regional searches for adoptable pets. Pets911 is a group that is partnered with the Human Society of the United States. You can find them at

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