Shih Tzu History can be Fun

shih tzu history can fun and exciting
personality traits of a shih tzu

Your Shih Tzu may be American, British, or Canadian, but when it’s all said and done, your little companion’s ancestors came from the far-east. Shih Tzu history is a must-learn for new owners.

Taking a look back into the past of the Shih Tzu can be an exciting, fun, and interesting little journey.

In fact, you may have asked yourself from time to time, “where did this little regal dog come from?”

Shih Tzu History Go Back To Ancient Tibet

Therefore, it would not hurt to take a step back in time to find out where the Shih Tzu’s relatives originated from.

shih tzu history

Did you know that they go way back to ancient Tibet? Another thing you can learn about this breed’s history is how they came to invade the Western world. And how they evolved to be the dog we know today.

When it comes to learning about the Shih Tzu, there’s no time to be bored or disinterested. Learning Shih Tzu history is fun. Unlike sitting in on a boring history lecture about the Renaissance time period.

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