The History of the Shih Tzu

the history of the shih tzu

Can you remember the first time you put your eyes on a Shih Tzu? Were you captivated by the history of the Shih Tzu and the look of this regal and majestic animal? If you were fascinated by this dog’s elegance, then I assume that presently you cannot take your mind off the little bundle of cuteness. Also, I know you ponder on the thought of who is this small canine full of so much charisma, a beautiful flowing coat, and eminence of magic.

Even the name of this gorgeous dog is an enigma! The Shih Tzu – what does it stand for? Can this be the dog I’ve searched for all my life?

the history of the shih tzu dog
The history of the Shih Tzu is an amazing story

Welcome to my website about the Shih Tzu; we will answer all of the questions above and many more. Also, you will learn everything there is to know about this unique wonderful breed, such as qualities and characteristics.

Therefore, please sit back, relax, and be prepared to be taken on a journey to faraway places and times as we unlock the history of the Shih Tzu.

We will take long journeys back to ancient China in the remote hidden valleys, mountains of mist, imperial palaces, and the religious temples of Tibet.

According To The History of The Shih Tzu, It Is One Of The Oldest Breeds Today

Tibet is where the ancestors of today’s Shih Tzu originated. For instance, it was about 3000 years ago that this dog lay at the side of Buddhist monks, powerful rulers, and religious leaders.

the cutest little shih tzu puppy you've ever seen sitting inside a basket
Every owner should know the history of the Shih Tzu

The Shih Tzu is pronounced (sheed zoo), and it is an intelligent, regal, and charming dog.

This little dog never fails to make a big impression on whoever it meets. Wherever the Shih Tzu goes, it demands admirers because of its luxurious coat, winning personality, and stylish demeanor.

These dogs are just the right size as well. They are only nine to ten inches high at the shoulder and weighs only nine to 16 pounds. This fact allows them to be the perfect fit for every home.

The name Shih Tzu comes from the Chinese word meaning “lion.” For many years, dogs from Asia were bred to resemble lions.

These “lion” dogs were small in stature and bearded. They also had short legs, square bodies, big round eyes, short noses, rounded heads, and flat faces—the Buddhist religion much-revered lions.

Ancient sculpture of an early Shih Tzu going back to the Ming Dynasty
The history of the Shih Tzu is a story worth telling

They were thought to be the sacred beasts of Buddha. According to legend, a lion followed Buddha everywhere he went. Therefore, it is said that “lion dogs” followed Buddha’s example, and it was believed that they housed the spirits of Buddhist monks.

The white blaze on a Shih Tzu’s forehead is known as the “star of Buddha.” While the dark markings are likened to the saddle Buddha used to ride the lion.

Therefore, many Shih Tzu breeders have tried their best to keep this beloved “lion dog” to the ideal standards of ancient times.

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