Is Your Household Shih Tzu Friendly? – Shih Tzus and Young Children

shitzu friendly - Cute Shih Tzu sitting on the porch

You may like the idea of a Shih Tzu, but if you are not the only one in your home, you may have to consider the environment as a whole.

Is your home Shih Tzu friendly?

This article deals with the prospect of having young children around Shih Tzu’s.

The number one question breeder’s usually ask first time Shih Tzu buyers is do you have young children?

Your two year old would not intentionally hurt a flea. However, a young child cannot understand that a Shih Tzu is not a stuffed animal.

If you have very young children, think twice about getting a Shih Tzu. Unless of course, you can successfully keep them apart from each other. Especially when you are not there to supervise.

Young children can be too rough on a puppy, and a Shih Tzu may even feel forced to nip or bite to defend herself from a child’s harassment.

If a puppy is dropped or fallen on, the puppy can be seriously injured.

Even an older Shih Tzu can be injured by a child or maybe less patient with a child’s poking and prodding. An older Shih Tzu that is used to children is a much better bet companion to children.

Older kids, on the other hand, tend to be great and helpful companions to Shih Tzu’s. Especially if they are taught how to handle the dog safely and gently. They can walk, groom, and play with the dog.

Please make sure that your home is Shih Tzu friendly before bringing him or her home.

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