Shih Tzus are Social Animals

shitzus are social animals - shih tzu puppy and french bulldog

Shih Tzus are social animals. They love to be around other dogs, people, and even cats.

Therefore, if you work all the time, and cannot spend as much time with your Shih Tzu as you would like to. Then leaving him or her with pet friends will make them happy.

You can also make them happy by visiting them on your lunch hour. Or you can spend a day at a doggy day care facility when you have time.

When a Shih Tzu is around other people and other dogs, they learn a lot about the world.

This experience will make your Shih Tzu a more well-mannered, adjusted, and friendly pet.

Managing a schedule of work and play and potty breaks for your Shih Tzu would be a lot easier if you work from home.

However, if you’re like many Shih Tzu owners and you work away from home then arranging for someone that you trust to give your Shih Tzu a potty break is recommended.

When all’s said and done. Upon getting home after a long day of work, expect your Shih Tzu to want to spend quality time with you snuggling and playing.

Remember, Shih Tzus are social animals. So please do not leave them home alone for hours.

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