Shih Tzu Dogs – Companionship and Comfort

shih Tzus are royal dogs they demand comfort and cuddling

Shih Tzu’s are royal dogs, and they expect to live the life of luxury. Therefore, having your little regal companion on the floor is not going to win you any favors.

By now, you should know that Shih Tzu’s are indoor dogs and cannot be left outside to the elements.

However, having them inside the home sleeping on the cold floor is not luxury enough. Shih Tzu’s are royal dogs and would rather lounge on a soft comfortable couch.

They’ll also prefer to sleep with you in your soft warm bed if you allow it.

Whether you let your Shih Tzu into the bed or not, you should also consider getting your little companion other comfortable spots for him or her to lounge throughout the day.

Try getting a soft doggy bed, a safe crate or kennel, and access to other furniture throughout the house.

Your Shih Tzu will thank you for it. Remember, these little dogs want two things —  your companionship and comfort.

Having a Shih Tzu in your home is like being in the presence of royalty.

These dogs sat in the laps of Emperors, Empresses, and high heads of state, therefore, having them sleep on the cold floor is not becoming of this majestic breed.

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