How To Teach A Puppy to Sit

How to teach a puppy to sit is one of the main questions most dog owners would like to know. Training a puppy to sit is not that hard. There is no need for harsh, verbal, or physical treatment. All it takes to accomplish this goal is a food bowl and the law of gravity. Here is how to teach your puppy to sit:

The first thing you should do is call your puppy’s name and hold the food dish above her head, which will force her to raise her muzzle high enough to keep an eye on the food dish. As soon as this happens, say the command “sit.” When her bottom hits the ground, shower her with praise and let her have the food.

How to teach a puppy to sit stay
How to teach a puppy to sit: Teaching puppies to sit for what they want helps to ensure they’ll grow up to be a well-behaved pet.

You can test if your puppy understands the command by trying it at different intervals. Pull up gently on your puppy’s collar and push down her rump to remind her what you want her to do, and then shower her with praise and treats if successful. Do not worry if you had to help a little; that’s okay. It’s still a success.

Once your puppy understands the command “sit,” increase the instances you give the order. For example, have your puppy sit before you put the leash on, sit before taking her on a walk, and sit instead of jumping on you (if jumping is an issue, you will most likely have to correct that bad behavior first). I have my dogs sit for everything they want, such as their toys, dinner, before leaving the house, or to have guests pet them.

Dogs are easier to live with when they can understand simple commands, especially if your canine companion is a 200 pound Great Dane. It also effortlessly and constantly reinforces your position as the pack leader. Always be a gentle and generous pack leader by giving your dogs plenty of ear and chest scratches, a sweet word, a hug, and plenty of treats.

More Tips on How to Teach A Puppy to Sit

how to teach your puppy to sit

I do not endorse free feeding your puppies because controlling food makes it easier to instill good behavioral traits in your pups. When the entire family is involved in offering the puppy food and making her sit before receiving it ensures that the household is working as one to train the puppy, which can increase the chances of success.

age to teach puppy to sit

When a dog always has food available, you lose a valuable training tool. You also lose the ability to reinforce your role as pack leader, which can give life to dominance issues later on. Making your puppy earn its food makes it clear that you are in control of her ability to eat. There is no eating unless you approve it. When dogs understand this, it can help stop food aggression, guarding, and growling.

There are other simple instructions that you can teach your dog, “sit” is not the only one. Other simple ones include “come,” “down,” and the most essential “stay.” Your puppy can and needs to learn them all.

Once you learn how to teach a puppy to sit, use your imagination and train your dog as much as possible. Remember to be consistent with your commands. For instance, do not say “down” one time and “off” the next. It’s less confusing for your puppy if you say “off” for all paws on the floor and  “down” for lying down; this way is less confusing for your canine companion.

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