Advanced Dog Training: Beyond the Basics

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Putting your dog through advanced dog training does not have to be hard. Try to make a game out of it by adding a hint of fun to the lessons.

This method will help avoid or alleviate boredom in both you and the dog. In no time at all, your little canine friend will reinforce his or her obedience skill without even realizing it.

Advanced Dog Training Methods

If your dog has been a house dog for a while, and he or she has already mastered the basics of training. And now they’re ready for the big time. It is now time for some more advanced dog obedience training.

advanced dog training
Learn advanced dog training techniques

In fact, your dog has mastered the basics so much that when you mention the word “Sit,” your dog’s hindquarters hit the floor, and when you call his or her name, they’re right there at your side.

This is wonderful! What’s next? Good question! The training process is not over; now is the time to move into more advanced dog training techniques.

Many of the basic dog training techniques you’ve focused on in the past will create a basis for future lessons.

Before you advance dog training, go over some of the same basic commands you used to train your dog first. Once your dog executes the basic commands without a hitch, it’s time to move on.

During this practice phase, you’re trying to weed out any confusing or weak commands so that you and your dog are ready to move on to more advanced dog training techniques.

You and your dog should not feel like advanced dog training is a chore; therefore, you must keep it interesting.

advanced dog training tricks
Shih Tzus are more than capable of performing advanced dog training techniques

Try to make a game out of the training sessions; this will help raise enthusiasm, but do not let your dog get too overexcited. Boredom will not be a factor if you spice up the training sessions for both of you.

There is nothing more time consuming or tedious than trying to get a bored or uninterested dog to learn new training techniques. Try to avoid boredom at all costs because it hinders learning.

One of the best dog training tools is food. You may want to try different types of treats while you’re training to see which treat your puppy likes the best.

As you know, dogs love their treats. However, once you find a dog treat that your canine likes, do not use it for too long, your dog may get tired of it, and it will lose its effectiveness.

Therefore, do not hesitate to cycle through the doggy treat choices. The best treats to give to your dog are the treats that contain a lot of fat, but be cautious; you do not want to encourage weight gain.

You can also cut the treats in half to make them stretch longer. This technique alone will help you save money and save your dog a few extra pounds.

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The best way to make advanced dog training fun is for you to get creative. Dog’s love to run and chase things around the place. This is a perfect activity to incorporate into your dog training. Please keep your dog enthused by strengthening what they already know in a new and exciting way.

A family member can help you train by practicing a back and forth game. This technique will help increase your dog’s recall skills and teach him or her to respond to the voices of other members of the family.

You and your family member should stand a good way apart; in fact, try for 9 to twelve yards. This game should be played in a safe area, preferably in a fenced-in yard.

If you do not have a fenced-in yard, that’s OK; try to find a place where your dog can’t wander away or be placed in a dangerous situation. Therefore, do not play this game in open areas or near busy streets.

Once you’ve found a safe place, you and your family should take turns calling the dog and putting him or her into the sit-stay position.

Repeat the process at uneven intervals. Once your dog gets accustomed to this game, challenge the dog more by moving further apart.

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Later on, if you like, you can incorporate a third person. You can also take the game inside the home and call from different rooms so that your dog cannot see who is calling.

The best way to keep the lessons fresh and interesting is to get creative. Whether advanced or basic, any dog training can be a fun experience for you and your dog.

Advanced dog training should not be a problem if you don’t allow your dog to get bored. Your dog will love the training sessions every time and even look forward to them. In the end, you’ll have a well-trained dog.

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