Dog Training Treats to Help Teach Your Dog Basic Commands

dog training treats for canines

The use of treats is an effective way to teach your companion some new tricks. The key to practical training using dog training treats is to use them in a very controlled manner.

best dog treats for training
Dog training treats

Also, it’s up to you to make sure that your dog doesn’t get a gift each time she desires one. Only offer the treat as a real prize for a job well done. Dog training treats amount to nothing more than a bribe but can be useful for teaching your companion basic commands such as come, sit, and stay. You can also use doggy treats to correct a bad habit or to help with housebreaking the dog.

Dog Training Treats: Teach Your Dog To Sit

We can sum up the method of dog training treats in teaching your dog how to sit. First, gather the goodies and keep them accessible in your hand, pocket, or a small pouch.

dog treats

Some stores sell specific pouches precisely for easy access to little goodies. Take the treat and hold it right above the dog’s head while stating the command, “sit.”

Hold the snack high enough that she has to sit and look up to see it. Reward her with the tidbit and praise her. Repeat this exercise a few more times, then do the entire process again the next day.

dog treat training pouches

During the day, you will want to strengthen the command, specifically at feeding time. Hold her dish directly above her head and issue the “sit” command. Once she sits, let her have her meal.

You can use treats for a more complicated command such as “down.” To teach your dog the down request, have the dog sit. However, do not reward her with the treat right away, hold the snack, and gesture it downwards, so she follows it.

When her head comes down to the floor, that’s when you issue the “down” command. When your hand and the treat reach the carpet, slowly move the tidbit away from the dog, which should force her to lie down to get the snack.

Down is a little more complicated and involves more patience, as some dogs will have a tendency to pounce at your hand instead of lying down. Do not forget to praise the dog as she receives the goody for that extra positive reinforcement.

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