Pet Store Shih Tzu – Buy at Your Own Risk

pet store shih tzu

Can you resist the big eyes or the unapologetic cuteness of a pet store Shih Tzu puppy staring back at you through the thick glass of a pet shop?

If the answer is no that is exactly what the pet store is hoping will happen to you as well as other unsuspecting passer byes.

Many pet shops do preferably well selling puppies. Even at the astronomical prices they charge. Because they’re very savvy when it comes to playing off peoples need for instant satisfaction.

If you decide to purchase a pet store Shih Tzu. There is a good chance you’ll end up with a healthy and wonderful dog. But you must be willing to follow protocol and take your new dog to training classes, vet visits, and regular grooming.

This is what it takes to care for your Shih Tzu for the rest of its life. However, keep in mind that the puppy could come down with an ailment that is genetically associated with the breed.

Fortunately, good hobby breeders try hard to stare clear of these genetic abnormalities within their breeding programs.

Some Shih Tzu’s may also develop deep social issues. Because they’re taken away from their mothers as well as their littermates too quickly.

It is totally up to you where you purchase your Shih Tzu. However, there are a few problems that come with the high price you paid for your puppy.

Here are some of the risks that you might not have been aware of when choosing a Shih Tzu.

Are you aware of the Pet Store Shih Tzu’s unknown past?

Many of the Shih Tzu puppies that you see in the pet shops are supplied by commercial breeders that breed mainly for profit. Unfortunately, this is not a good beginning for a little toy dog that is highly sensitive.

Experts will tell you that the beginning weeks after a puppy is born is important for healthy behavior.

There is no way to know how the earlier weeks of your puppy were spent. When you purchase your dog from the pet store. Questions that would be in your best interest to know are:

Did the Shih Tzu spend its first weeks being packaged and shipped to the next pet shop for sale?

How early was he taken away from his mother?

Was he ripped away too early to satisfy a strict deadline to avoid penalties?

Was he properly exposed to humans before being whisked away in some delivery truck?

These are questions you will not get if you purchase a puppy from a pet shop.

Probable health issues

Commercial Breeders that breed dogs for profit seldom do health tests and they’re not known for breeding with the dog’s health in mind. These breeders breed for numbers, which in turn increases their profits.

However, some may perform health tests, but that does not take away from the fact that you have no knowledge of the pet shop puppy’s parents.

Having knowledge of the parents gives you a good picture of the puppy’s pedigree, this gives you an idea of the diseases or other problems that he’s at risk of acquiring.

With this info not readily available to you, you cannot possibly know what genetic obstacles may be around the corner for your new Shih Tzu puppy.

Looks are deceiving

Health is not the only concern when you have no knowledge of the puppy’s parents. Behavior and appearance should also be taken into consideration.

You cannot look into the future of the puppy in the sense that you will not have as clear of a picture of how your Shih Tzu puppy would look and behave when he grows up.

Puppies in a pet shop may look cute, but when they grow up, you get a different story; in fact, some may grow up to be a horrible representative of the breed.

Therefore, if you want your Shih Tzu to be the perfect dog and represent the Shih Tzu breed to the fullest, try to avoid the pet store compulsion buy.

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