The Shih Tzu – Bred for Companionship

shitzu companionship

The Shih Tzu is a dog bred for companionship; therefore, its only job is to be with you. As funny as it may sound, your Shih Tzu must be around you all the time for him or her to feel like they have a purpose.

If you assumed there was just something about the Shih Tzu’s personality that makes it a great cuddly friend to have around. You are not wrong. They have bred these dogs for generations to be the definitive companion dogs.

These dogs dislike being left alone continually. Therefore, being left alone is no life for a dog that craves companionship.

Shih Tzu’s Love to Play With Other Pets

In addition, Shih Tzu’s are social animals. They love to play with people, other dogs, and even cats. If you are someone that works all day, then it would be better to leave them with another pet, they will be happier with a little pet friend.

If possible, visit them on your lunch hour, or take them to a nice, reputable doggy daycare facility. Furthermore, let your Shih Tzu spend time around other people and other dogs, which teaches them about the world.

This experience makes them more adjusted and friendlier pets.

For instance, If you work from home, it would be a lot easier to manage time for work, play, and potty breaks with your Shih Tzu.

However, if you work away from home, you may need to arrange with a family member or friend to give your Shih Tzu a potty break.

Be prepared for your Shih Tzu to want to play, snuggle, and just spend some time with you. Remember, Shih Tzu companionship!

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