Searching for a Shih Tzu Breeder: Be Observant

searching for a shitzu

No matter how many questions you ask any Shih Tzu breeder when searching for a Shih Tzu, it may not be enough. Yep, sometimes asking too many questions is just not enough.

There comes a time when paying attention or being observant is just as informative.

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Searching for a Shih Tzu should start with finding the right breeder

Being observant will allow you to notice every little detail about the breeder’s home and their dogs. Questions that you should ask yourself are:

Am I getting a good feeling from this Shih Tzu breeder?

Do I trust this person; are they trustworthy and forthcoming with information regarding the Shih Tzu puppies?

Is this person clean, and is the home well taken care of and the area where the Shih Tzus are being cared for?

When Searching for A Shih Tzu, Make Sure They’re Well Cared for, Healthy, Clean, And Friendly?

If the situation comes up and you smell diarrhea or vomit where the dogs are being kept, don’t just let it slide and assume that the breeder has everything under control.

Ask questions, inquire about the smell, or alert the breeder about your concern.

Reasons for this could be the puppy may have had a distressed stomach, and the breeder was already aware of the situation.

However, you would not have known unless you were observant. Therefore, if the puppies seem all sickly to you, it is time to continue on your journey searching for a Shih Tzu breeder.

searching for a shih tzu

Do not let a Shih Tzu breeder bring you puppies from another room without letting you see the others; they may have something to hide.

Therefore, if you witness poor housing, messy living standards, or a mother Shih Tzu that doesn’t look healthy or friendly, move on, because these are signs of poorly raised dogs.

If you witness anything strange or suspicious, ask about it. You need to get a feel for the dogs; therefore, it is in your best interest to survey every inch of the breeder’s property where they breed and care for the dogs.

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