House-Training your Shih Tzu

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House-training your Shih Tzu may be a challenge, but you’ll get it done. What’s the secret? Patience, diligence, consistency, making sure your puppy gets to the right place at the right time and lots of praise.

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House-training your Shih Tzu is not easy but it is well worth it in the end

Shih Tzus are meticulous about their living quarters and will do their best not to soil where they are housed or confined.

This is another excellent reason for keeping them in a travel kennel on the way home from the breeder’s. If the trip were not too long, your Shih Tzu would probably wait to urinate or defecate.

You can start right by taking her outside immediately upon arrival and placing your Shih Tzu where you want them to learn to do their business.

house-training your shih tzu

Your dog will immediately urinate, and when they do, praise them repeatedly. You are then off to a positive start.

Next up, place your Shih Tzu in his or her designated living area. This area should have easy-to-clean floorings, such as tile or linoleum, but no carpeting.

When House-Training Your Shih Tzu, Remember That They Have Tiny Bladders

Remember that they have a tiny bladder and do not yet have full control of bladder or bowels.

They will need to go outside frequently and certainly will have a few accidents before they’re fully trained.

However, you should also remember that your dog is eager to please. Therefore, as soon as they understand that they could use the potty only in the area you’ve indicated, they will try their best to wait until you take them to that spot.

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If they soil in their confinement, it is an accident, therefore, do not punish your dog.

The outdated and cruel training methods of rubbing a dog’s nose in its urine, or hitting a dog, are the worst things you can do.

Do not raise your voice when house-training your Shih Tzu. They will not associate your scolding with natural body functions, especially if the scolding occurs long after the act of elimination.

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