Shih Tzus are Indoor Dogs and Should not be left Outdoors

shih tzus are indoor dogs

The Shih Tzu was primarily bred to be a palace dweller. For many years, the Shih Tzu has lived in upscale addresses and imperial palaces, and political figures’ and dignitaries homes. Basically, Shih Tzus are indoor dogs!

Therefore, your lovely warm home is a palace to your little companion. Your dog is the happiest dog on earth when it has a loving family, a warm, comfortable place to sleep, excellent care, and good healthy food.

Shih Tzus cannot be left outdoors

Just as it was centuries ago, the Shih Tzu is primarily a house pet. Therefore, the Shih Tzu cannot tolerate extreme weather, especially heat.

Because of its flat pushed in face and its long flowing coat, extreme and hot weather can be dangerous. They need fresh air, adequate ventilation, and a protected environment.

Although Shih Tzus are Indoor Dogs, They Still Need Exercise

All dogs need some form of exercise, including your Shih Tzu. It requires training like every other dog, even though it should always be a house pet.

Shih Tzus are indoor dogs

Daily walks in a park or a romp in the yard will help your little companion to stay fit and in shape. However, you must supervise these activities.

Your dog will not want to work if you’re not there. She will possibly try to escape the yard if you’re not present.

Never leave your Shih Tzu alone outside, and never leave them tied to a tree or post in the backyard.

Because of the Shih Tzu’s coat type, life outdoors is not suitable for her. It would be almost impossible to keep her coat properly groomed and kept in good condition.

shih tzus were once palace dogs

It would take you a lifetime trying to get past all the tangles, parasites, burrs, dirt, grass awns, and mats.

Therefore, if you are unable to keep your dog inside, please do not consider getting a Shih Tzu.

Remember, Shih Tzus are indoor dogs. Therefore, a lifestyle outdoors is out of the question for these dogs! It does not matter where you live, whether in a house or an apartment – your Shih Tzu should be there (indoors), too!

A lot of people prefer the Shih Tzu because they assume that they do not require extensive exercise. However, just like us humans, Shih Tzus that gets regular exercise, has better mental as well as physical health.

Bringing a New Shih Tzu Home is a Significant Event: Be Prepared!

Though, owners need to be mindful not to overwork the joints and muscles of younger Shih Tzus. People looking for Shih Tzu dogs that require less exercise than usual should look into adopting or rescuing an older, more mature dog. An older dog would be delighted with fewer walks, play sessions, and romps in the yard.

Purchasing a Shih Tzu is a momentous event, and should therefore be well thought out and researched. Take your time to study up on the breed, which will give you and your family a better understanding of this dog.

It is crucial to both the family and the puppy to have the best possible pairing and to be sure that you can offer a loving home for a Shih Tzu. Remember, choosing the Shih Tzu is just the first step. There are other considerations to be made. For example, from whom are you going to purchase your Shih Tzu and what type of supplies will be needed for your puppy’s new home.

Being that Shih Tzus are indoor dogs, planning, and researching for the arrival of the new pet is crucial to getting started on the right foot. Therefore, talk to other Shih Tzu owners, breeders, and veterinarians to get as much information as you can on whether or not this breed is right for you and your family.

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