Potty Pad Training: Discover 10 Top Tips On How to potty train a Shih Tzu Puppy on Pads

shih tzu training on potty pads

As I’ve said many times before, potty pad training a Shih Tzu puppy is not an easy thing to do. It’s no fault of their own of course, it’s just that they have short attention spans.

They’d rather play and lounge around on your lap instead of worrying about tedious commands and lessons. Remember, they’re a very stubborn breed that was bred for royalty.

1. Before attempting potty pad training, make sure to place the potty pads somewhere in the house where your Shih Tzu puppy can quickly locate and access them. This step might seem like common sense, but you will be surprised how many people mess this one up.

potty pad training

2. Introduce your puppy to the potty or pee pads. Some potty training pads come equipped with a particular scent that attracts the dogs, making them want to use them to go to the bathroom. However, you would be surprised how many puppies just don’t get the hint. So, for the first few times, you might want to show them what the potty pad is intended for.

 3. Every two to three hours, let your puppy out for regular or scheduled bathroom breaks to prevent them from overusing the pads. However, this particular tip varies depending on the breed and size of your puppy. Remember, potty pad training is the ultimate goal. Therefore, use them only as a housetraining tool, which will eventually lead to your puppy going to the bathroom outside.

Combine Potty Pad Training With Crate Training

crate training shih tzu

4. A great addition to potty pad training is to incorporate the use of a crate. Crate training is a wonderful way to housetrain your puppy, as well. Make sure that your puppy’s crate has enough room to where he can stand and walk around. You can also place the potty pads inside when you are not home. This tip makes sure that accidents will not happen all over the house when you are away. If you are already familiar with dogs, then you know how frustrating it is to smell an accident and not be able to locate it.

5. As your puppy makes use of the pads regularly, move them closer to the door where you let your dog out to use the bathroom.

6. You have to be realistic. This process is not an overnight one. Unfortunately, your puppy will have accidents. Do not reprimand him harshly. A stern “No” will suffice if you catch him in the act of the accident, then proceed to place him on the potty pad. On the other hand, if you see your puppy using the pads, shower him with praise and a treat. You want your Shih Tzu puppy to know that eliminating on the pads is a good thing, where he will get a loud and enthusiastic “Good Boy.”

How to potty train a puppy to use a pee pad

7. Hopefully, by now, your Shih Tzu puppy is using the pad regularly. Move them closer to the door, and ultimately, you’re going to put them outside. Instead of taking your puppy to the pads that were inside, you’re going to take them out. Use a cue phrase such as “Time to Go Potty” or something you decide. Make sure to use this cue every time. As a result, your puppy will begin to associate the specific signal with going outside to poop.

8. Be consistent with your potty pad training. Also, plenty of patience is the key to having your Shih Tzu puppy wholly housetrained.

9. Another important tip that might not seem significant is not to leave around paper towels and other materials that resemble potty pads on the floor. In many cases, puppies confuse these items together.

10. Whenever your puppy has an accident, please clean it up with an enzymatic cleaner. Your puppy will most likely be attracted to the smell of the previous area of his last business. Therefore, proper cleaning is vital.

Congratulations, you’re done. I hope this article helped you to achieve the potty pad training of your Shih Tzu.

Remember, do not yell or hit your puppy; they will not understand why you’re punishing them. Take your time, and eventually, you will both succeed.

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