Cirneco dell’Etna

The Cirneco dell’Etna is the only native breed of Sicilian dogs and has been present on the Italian island for over 2,500 years and is known for its ability to hunt small... Read more »

Redbone Coonhound

The Redbone Coonhound was the only dog that could cope with American climate and terrain challenges and quarry that climbed trees or jumped into swamps to evade pursuers. Before that, dogs such... Read more »

Irish Wolfhound

The Irish Wolfhound and other gigantic wolfhounds have been prized since ancient times. For centuries, ownership was restricted to the aristocracy. Wolfhounds were sent to royal kennels in India, Russia, Persia, and... Read more »

Basset Hound

The Basset Hound was first mentioned in texts found in the 16th century about badger hunting. Since ancient times, short-legged dwarfed specimens occurred in various breeds, but it is hard to know... Read more »

Plott Hound

The Plott Hound was bred by successive generations of the Plott family and came to be known by the family name as their popularity spread due to their hunting ability; they were... Read more »

Basenji Dogs

Basenji dogs are a breed that originated as hunters in Central Africa, and their ancestors can be traced back to ancient Egypt. Basenji dogs are still used in Zaire and Sudan. It... Read more »