Dog Treats: Which One Is Best for Your Dog?

dog treats

You can get dog treats in just about every shape, size, flavor, and type conceivable. It is hard to know which specific types of dog treats are best for your dog with so many variations.

frozen dog treats with yogurt

Choosing doggy snacks at random is not unlike throwing darts at a dartboard. Breaking down the different dog treats on the market can help you make a better decision for using various snacks for different situations.

The first group of dog treats is soft treats. The treats in this category comprise of LiverSnax, Beef Eaters, and even the most suitable people food, such as cooked, unseasoned chicken or turkey, raw hot dogs, cheese, and bologna.

soft dog treats

Soft treats make great rewards and are outstanding for obedience training, house-training, or just for a snack. Soft tidbits are suitable for training because they are small, portable, and won’t spoil your dog’s dinner or upset their stomach. Liver might be the perfect soft treat for dogs because of its richness in nutrients, and dogs love it.

Dog Treats Like Bones and Rawhide are Considered Controversial But Dogs Love Them

Biscuits are another treat category. They are also suitable for training. But some dog biscuits can be the size of a typical candy bar, which is significant even for a big dog. Try to find smaller biscuits, or you can break the bigger ones down.

Also, pig ears and snouts are a doggy favorite. For slighter dogs and puppies, snacks like pig’s ears and cow’s ears can last a very long time. Most ears and snouts come with a smoked flavor, which is very satisfying for your pet.

Hard treats such as bones and rawhide come with some controversy. While dogs seem to enjoy them immensely, many experts recommend against rawhide since it can damage your dog’s internal linings, much like a chicken bone.

Though, some say that this is only problematic when the dog bites and breaks the hard treats like a potato chip without first softening it up.

Consult your vet for detailed assistance about your pet. Rawhide and other hard treats tend to give dogs a long-lasting snack experience. It’s something they can chew for a long time, which satisfies their urge to chew. Also, these hard snacks can help clean and remove tartar from their teeth.

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