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The Field Spaniel is a cross between Black Cocker Spaniels and Sussex Spaniel strains, which later arose as a separate breed in the second half of the century. By the turn of the twentieth century, the Field had become quite extreme in type, and the Cocker and the other spaniel breeds surpassed it in popularity.

Image of a Field Spaniel dog running and frolicking

The breed’s members were scarce in Britain and America during the two World Wars, but several British breeders in the 1960s worked to restore the Field Spaniel to its previous quality. The revival in the United States began in the late 1960s with the arrival of dogs from Britain. The Field spaniel has a dedicated following today but remains one of the rarest spaniels and classified by experts as a vulnerable native breed in Britain.

Field Spaniel Breed Standard

This dog is well-balanced, medium-sized, and built for speed and endurance. It is slightly rectangular in proportion, with moderate bone and muscle. The neck is long, durable, and lightly arched; the back is sturdy and level. The tail is set low and docked. Its feet are large, round, and webbed. Also, the Field’s eyes are dark, medium-sized, and almond-shaped.

The ears are wide, long enough to reach the end of the muzzle, set lightly below eye level, and hanging close to the head. The Field Spaniel’s expression is grave and intelligent.

Breed Facts

Energy levelWatchdog ability
Exercise requirementsProtection ability
PlayfulnessGrooming requirements
Affection levelCold tolerance
Friendliness toward dogsHeat tolerance
Friendliness toward other petsFriendliness toward strangers
Ease of training

Activity level: Breeders produced this Spaniel for energy and endurance in finding, flushing, and retrieving game from land and water. It must have adequate exercise if not used in this capacity.

  • FAMILY: Gundog, Spaniel
  • AREA OF ORIGIN: England
  • DATE OF ORIGIN: 1800s
  • ORIGINAL FUNCTION: Bird flushing and retrieving
  • TODAY’S FUNCTION: Bird flushing and retrieving, spaniel field trials
  • OTHER NAME: None

Field Spaniel Temperament

Fields are fun-loving, docile, sensitive, and affectionate. They need to be part of the household and partake in whatever their people are doing. They are versatile dogs with potential successes in many competitive dog sports areas, and they are valued family companions.

Field Spaniel temperament

This dog is happiest when tasked with something to do; they’re not lazy couch potato dogs. Though independent by nature, Fields love to please their owners. Also, they make an excellent family companion just as long as they get plenty of regular exercises. Many breed enthusiasts revere them for their docile nature. Field Spaniels are typically cautious around strangers.


The Field Spaniel requires weekly brushing, regular nail clipping, and trimming of the hair between the footpads and inside the ears.

  • Coat: This spaniel’s coat protects it from dense brush, inclement weather, and icy water. It is moderately long, silky, thick, water repellent, flat or slightly wavy, with feathering on the chest, abdomen, back of the legs, and tail. The breed carries less coat than other spaniels.
  • Colors: This breed comes in shades of black, liver, golden liver, and blue roan. All colors may have tan points or a small white on the chest and/or throat.


  • LIFE SPAN: 12—14 YEARS
  • WEIGHT: 35—50 POUNDS

Field Spaniel Breeders and Sale Advice

Before choosing a puppy, request information on the parents’ health and temperament. See the litter in person and choose an outgoing, friendly puppy.

Field Spaniel puppy on its first hunt carrying a game fowl in its mouth
  • Parent club: Field Spaniel Society of America (; founded in 1978
  • Rescue: Field Spaniel Society of America Rescue Committee information is located on the club’s website on the “Breed Rescue” page under “About Breed.”
  • Field Spaniel price: The average cost of this breed is about $1800-$2800. However, there is no price difference between pet, show, and performance dogs, as being categorized as one or the other does not increase or lessen the puppy’s value. For example, there are situations when show ring capable dogs find themselves in non-show homes due to a lack of available show homes. While initially, the price of Field Spaniel puppies may seem pricey, this price range is no higher than another rare breed purebred dog, and in many cases, it is lower.

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