shih Tzus are royal dogs they demand comfort and cuddling

Family-Friendly Dogs: The Shih Tzu is one of The Best

Shih Tzu’s are great family-friendly dogs, and they expect to live the life of luxury. Therefore, having your little regal companion on the floor is not going to win you any favors.... Read more »
shih Tzu exposed to the elements

Shih Tzu Heat Stroke: 8 Ways To Prevent and Stop Overheating

A Shih Tzu heat stroke is almost inevitable if left outside on hot, humid days without shade or ways for them to stay cool. Therefore, do not leave your Shih Tzu exposed... Read more »
shitzus are social animals - shih tzu puppy and french bulldog

Shih Tzus are Social Animals

Shih Tzus are social animals; therefore, socializing a new puppy is an essential step to ensure that your little companion enjoys a long, stress-free, and healthy life. Not taking the time to... Read more »
shih tzu and companionship

Shih Tzu and Companionship: The Perfect Dog for Lazy Families

Shih Tzu’s were bred to do one thing. And that is to be there with you through life’s many journeys as your close and trusted friend. In fact, the Shih Tzu and... Read more »
Information pertaining to shih tzu toy breeds

Shih Tzu Toy Breeds: Strong, Loyal, and a Little Arrogant

Unlike a Labrador retriever, you have to get down on the floor to pet the Shih Tzu toy breeds. This dog belongs to the group known as (toy group). Because of their... Read more »
shitzu companionship

Shih Tzu Companionship

Plenty of Shih Tzu companionship is what you can expect if you are lucky enough to own one of these lovely, regal, and loyal dogs. The Shih Tzus only job is to... Read more »