Training Your Shih Tzu – Stop Excessive Barking

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Shih Tzu Training – Barking

Shih Tzu training may mean controlling some behavior that is hard to get at. Excess barking may be one activity that is very hard to stop. Here’s one way that may work for you and your pet.

Excess barking by any dog very seldom bothers a dog. What it does is irritate owners and neighbors too, often almost to the breaking point. This is one of those problems that calls for real planning.

Often the cause for the barking can be discovered with some observation and thought. It may be as simple as just loneliness or boredom. In either case, extra time spent with a dog may result in extra quiet for you.

Remember that some dogs just bark a lot. All dogs bark, it’s just when it goes on and on that it becomes a major nerve rattler.

One way to communicate to a pet that the noise is undesired is with a training collar. Therefore, the citronella spray collar may be the best choice. Certainly preferable to an electrical collar which seems to be a terrible idea for several reasons.

This is how a citronella collar works.

Citronella oil possesses this sickly sweet odor that even works as a bug repellent. Not harmful, it certainly presents an offensive stink. I can just imagine how stinky it must be to dogs with smelling ability far beyond ours.

The collar includes a sensor to detect barks, a reservoir for the oil and then a spray unit. All this fits in a tiny box with an on/off switch.

Turn it on and here’s what happens. As soon as the dog barks, the collar sprays this cloud of mist right below the dogs jaw. Not an electrical shock results, but it does produce a surprise that may border on shocking.

Our dog when presented with this device barked once, then a second time and then got quiet to consider the matter.

Those two barks were really all it took for Belle to get the idea.

Not that she never barks now. Why she even seldom wears the collar now. She quickly got the idea that excess barking was a bad idea. So the collar now is on reserve for an occasional reminder that barking should be done in moderation.

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Barking Shih Tzu dog training often can profit from the use of a few tools. It may be that a citronella collar may be a useful tool in your box of tricks.

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