Exercising your Shih Tzu

two shih Tzus running - exercising your shitzu

Despite a Shih Tzu’s small size, they need exercise. In fact,  exercising your Shih Tzu is very important to its overall health and longevity.

They need outdoor romps just as much as larger dogs do. Exercise will keep their muscles strong and their heart healthy.

Shih Tzu’s are so cute and cuddly; many owners shower them with too many treats without giving them adequate exercise.

It doesn’t take too many extra calorie meals to make an 8 pound (3.63 kilogram) animal tip the scale in the direction of the overweight.

Being overweight can be harmful to your Shih Tzu’s health because their little bodies do not handle extra weight well.

Excess weight puts a lot of pressure on their joints and internal organs, which can pose a threat to their natural health.

If you currently own an overweight Shih Tzu, and you would like to put him or her on an exercise program, remember, Shih Tzu’s should never be exercised in hot weather.

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These little dogs are not built for heat; therefore, prolonged heat exposure can cause them serious harm. Shih Tzu’s do not do well in the heat because of their short nose and heavy coat.

If you are going to exercise your Shih Tzu, make sure you do it when it is cool. Morning walks or evening strolls are best.

In addition to exercising your Shih Tzu, limit the snacks and the extra calories that your dog consumes throughout the day. Adult Shih Tzus only need two to three meals daily.

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